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About Beatiful song from nargaroth!!!!

My homeland punk 21min and 59 second full of darkness .

I am Karl The Necromancer... I live in deep swamp near to Kurast city in land named Kehjistan. I have nice tomb whose last owner was mighty Zakarum priest.

Journey Of Diablo II

Act I

Rogues encampment.. seems like amazon needs help. (1-2 weeks later.)
I Defeated Andariel.. It was hard but i managed to do that. I saved Amazon and travelled to east.

Act II

I arrived Lut Gholein, isolated place of east Docks. I feel fear and death here.
Sultan asked help from me to catch Mephisto, i try. (1-2 weeks) Finally found Tal-rasha right tomb but Mephisto is already escaped.. i hope i will catch him soon. Now evil from Lut Gholein is broken i go home, to Kurast.


Finally i arrived to Kurast but i found out that Docks are only safe place in this cursed land.. pitty..
Local mage Ormus gave me information that Mephisto is near and i must find him! (1 week) Finally defeating High council of Zakarum i break a way to Mephisto and slayed him. Now i am going to Hell ^^

Act IV

Finally after 3 weeks i find Diablo and slain him. Now i am heading to the Barbarians homeland Harrogath.


Arrived to Harrogath.. wow.. Baal is strong and trying to get Worldstone.. hmm.. i must find him before it is too late.

I sense death and rotting this human raze..

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