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Kahouna (Akhilesh) was raised by animals in the heart of Africa where every single animal headed for migration.

*Insert picture of a colourful green land filled with tree's and lots of natural wonderous creations*

He learned to fend for himself while having weird... habits, which pretty much made him an exceptional child, the main two habits were seeing patches of luminous multicoloured lights and being able to understand and communicate with animals (for example, if he wanted to play with a wolf like a dog he would say simple commands like 'fetch' and 'roll-over').

He had stayed in this magical place for 20 years and had tamed almost every single animal in the Pacific thanks to his skills he had fully adapted to, then one day he happened to notice a strange roar in the distance a bit behind the foliage and noticed and large, winged figure. 'Am I dreaming?' He thought. 'No, I can't be'. He slowly tore the foliage and noticed a dragon in it's slumber. But something shook him, it wasn't like a dragon that ancient folk-lore told of. But why? Why me? No other animal seemed to take notice of it.

The dragons eye's slowy opened with a yet surprising calm and peaceful look. The leaves started to sway; and so did the cocoa nut sea beans and bamboo plants. The palm of his hand started to glow as an increment started to form, it was a strange symbol which he had never seen before. The dragons eyes closed again and time stopped for a moment; next thing he knew, the dragon was gone.

He woke up on the floor looking about, and thought the whole thing was a imaginary scene; but wait, his hand! He looked at it and the mark was still there...

He thought he was hearing things, or seeing things again and saw an egg with the same increment on his hand on the rim of the egg. The next thing he knew, the egg cracked and started
to hatch. The baby dragons eye was opened.

*Imagine a dusty book closing*

How did I get here you ask? Well, all I can tell you is that the next page is yours.

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