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Hi! My name's Kamisama, simply. Kamisama means god in Japanese (o3o). My real name is Jack. I can also can be called Yasashiku that is my Japanese name(Somehow forgot to show it on here, LOL). It is pronounced (Yah-sah-ah-shi-ku). It's suppose to mean gentle and polite(Which I think I am.. Or maybee not.. o
I'm pretty friendly to be around, but I can get pissed if you mess with me. c: I'm serious.
About my past? I had a American father and a Japanese mother, and once I turned five, my father left us, and what was left was my mother's family. That's why I have both an American name, and a Japanese name.
Why am I not at school? Oh ch'yea, playing hookie like what everyone else does, chyeeeaaaaaaa.

Does anyone even play hookie anymore..?

I really.. Don't think so..

I'm just.


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