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***My name is not Rii - but that's a Japanese adaptation of my name I use online***

It all started when I was born.

*insert video clip of a blank road. A stick figure with kitty ears and tail falls from the sky and lands, SPLAT! in the middle of the road. Another stick figure walks up and stares, then bends over, hefting me above her head. Zelda music plays and it announces, "You obtained a Rii!"

My mother begins to walk off with me in her inventory when she is apprehended by some ninjas, demanding she hand me over. She refuses, and an epic battle begins, starting with ninjas, going through pirates, zombies, vampires, surgeons, gremlins, dragons, and the rabbit from Monty Python Searches for the Holy Grail.*

I was born talking. No, seriously? Three months and I was already on the verge of saying words. My mom has recordings. XD It makes sense, nowadays you can't get me to shut up.

I was a darling, lovable child. Oh, yes, I'd talk your ear off, of course, and my imagination was as wild as ever, but I was definitely darling.

And then...I discovered my weird potential.

By the end of middle school, I'd figured out the proper balance of weird and normal, so that I wasn't annoying nor was I a freak.

This enabled me to discover my potential as an Evil Overlord. I have been gathering an army and have a plot to dominate the world. Now, now, don't say, fat chance, either because you think you can stop me or because you think you'll beat me to it. First off, you don't even know what I stand for yet, what my plans are. Second, if you plan on world domination yourself, I assure you that your attempts are vain and just out of the popular fashion. In other words, you're pathetic compared to me. What are your plans? What's your purpose? Do you even have one? I do.

Anyways. Enough about my evil plots. Some things you should know about me:

I like pie.
I LOVE dragons.
I have four drugs: nutella, dessert items, hugs, and manga.
Random queen = me
Writer/artist/drama lover/RP freak = me
I am amazing.
I love books.
Please click my eggs and hatchlings.
I don't think there is anything else I need to put here...


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