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I like cheese. I hate Justin Beiber. Chuck Norris neck snap. I'm obsessed with whiteout. I can solve a rubiks cube. I like flowers. Candycanes make me sick. I like wearing PJ's. No, I don't have ADHD. I like highlighters and sharpies. I'm allergic to stupid people. I like sushi. I laughed at the girl who's afraid of pickles. LEEROY JENKINS!!! I'm useless at opening water bottles. I stick random push pins into my wall. I have a huge stuffed polar bear. All of this is true. Stickers make me smile. They call me bubbles for a reason. I hate balloons. I like all colours except yellow and pink. I spell colour with a U so i must be from Canada. I have 3 tutus. I like teddy bears. I want a monkey named Bob. Calvin and Hobbes are hilarious. Doorknobs were the best invention ever. IT'S GON RAIN! Thanks Ollie. Bananas are yummy. One of my light bulbs just burnt out. Bless your face. I play badminton. I think hockey is too violent for TV. Distraction ... Oh where was I. My pillow is huge. I made a dragonfly out of pipe cleaners. I'm against Facebook. E,Z,X,K,Q,Y, and J are the best letters in the alphabet. I need more cold medication. Google is a funny word. Bing is a funny word. Ba-zinga. Hmmm stuffy nose, sore throat, dry cough yep this should work. I hate spiders, and all the other bugs. Well that's all i could think of. So if you read this from beginning to end no skiping. Good for you. This has been me spewing random facts about myself and what i think is true.


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