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Buny is now king.See his crown?

Take a look at my RPG Thread called Hamster Saga.

Anyways,i'm aiming to be at least a Gold Knight or a Wood Lord.Please don't comment on here saying I have a LONG,LONG,LONG way to go till i'm even a silver or wood knight.I'll just delete them.
I'm a pokemon master in every pokmon game.
I have a good account on gaia online,sploder,and NationStates.
Check out my site at

Become a citizen of the micronation New Emperica,and have fun!!!

Bunny:Get out of here.
Me:Hey,it's MY profile.
Bunny:Yeah,but *I* rule it.
How to confuse anyone.

The sentence below is true.
The sentence above is false.

Figure out this riddle post the answer and get a prize.

Member Of Globe-Hack.
"Hacking Computers Since 2007"
NOTICE:The phrases 'hack','hacking',and 'hacked' are used lightly in Globe-Hack.We mostly make codes and design small games.

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