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There was only one kingofgames... he was 1 and he was the best well...
time has passed i believe i had my reign and i am just going to pass through the community sometimes, as good as my old times here were everybody has to go one day so... byebye

Things i achieved
1 King ever
Most known member (longer ago)
I was a funny guy who liked to mess around
And well I guess 1 German to be first
And I had the best friends to have here

Btw a last litlle bedtime story of mine

It was once a little boy he went through the woods and he saw an old grandpa doing it with a rabbit he pulled out his wooden stick, his flute and the rabbit played on it after they were done the old dirty fart pushed his short adonis into all holes of the rabbit, the rabbit screamed and inside of the shorts of the boy.. was a quake.. his snake awakened.. his snake was now hard like a stone and he pulled it out and touched it, it felt good now he went home and used the new learned technique, his brother was amazed and he had to massage his cobra too. so they both manhandled their sausages and were happy
the end

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