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Update: June 10th 2014:

Story of me on gaming/computer world:

    Well I decided to update this sense I'm bored and don't have much to do at the moment (but I'm assuming you are too sense your reading this).

    I started off on armor games playing exit path (the first one... the second one was disappointing) until most of the Ghosts' stopped playing. Then it got extremely boring (although I came back for a little bit when yck1509 made his version of it).

    So then I started playing Colony, got (in my opinion) pretty good at it and met quite a few people on there that were fun to hang with. Then it seemed everyone (including me) got pretty busy and didn't come on as near as much. Eventually, my life slew down and I had more time on my hands. I came back to colony but it seemed many of the people I knew either didn't play anymore or very rarely.

    So, I decided to try to find a new game... I wandered over onto World of Warcraft, which I played for about 6 or 7 months when I realized it was WAY to time consuming and I came to the conclusion that $15 a month for a game was to much.

    I still had tons of time on my hands so I searched for a new game and before long I found Starcraft II (I guess its a pretty old game but it was pretty new to me). I still do currently play this game, but not very often (maybe 2 or 3 hours a month)... So if you play it, go ahead and add me if you want, my user name is KWH.

    I slowly faded away from playing SCII from a couple hours a day to a couple hours a month and got more into pen testing. I thought that was pretty fun honestly, I got into some website hacking and slightly advanced database pen testing. Not going to lie, it was pretty fun hacking into random databases (even though I didn't really mess with anyone or anything). I got really into this and even talked to a member of the Anonymous group (even though at the time I didn't know what the group was).

    Then after all that I finally realized how much time I was spending on a computer... I quit hacking/pen testing/whateveryouwannacallit in just a day or two... Although I will still defiantly remember some of the more simple things, such as basic WEP/WPA/WPA2 packet collecting for getting internet passwords and that sort of thing, for it can come in handy.
Wow that was boring.. If you actually just read all of that let me know... I'l email you a cookie.

Hmm what else to put on here..

I'm an Evangelical Christian (which reminds me, do you like the green font of the cross above? I thought it was kinda neat but kind of hard to look at..). So if anyone has any questions about my faith just shoot me a message... Or a comment... Whatever their called.. I'l answer it the best I can (you can also ask me other questions too). ;D

    As stated above, I'm not very active on the internet anymore... Although I do drop by on here every once in awhile to make sure no one dropped me a message... Err comment... Hmmm...

  Random thoughts!

- I use parentheses a lot (if you couldn't tell).
- I don't like crows... Their very loud and annoying.
- I'm a very active person; I like running, biking, snowmobiling, four wheeling, etc.
- I'm told I use the term/abbreviation/slang/thing "lol" a lot...
- I'm into auto mechanics... Thinking of that as a possible career job
- I dont understand why people cuss so much
- I dont understand why people say the sun is the center of the universe when the sun is the center of our solar system
- I dont understand our government
- I dont understand why people argue so much
- I can't stand politics
- Subarus are awesome
- Stationwagens look ridiculous
- Thank God for spell correct
- People spend to much time raging on Call of Duty (and no... I do not play it)
- V for Vendetta is an amazing movie... You can watch it online for free at if you want (you can also watch quite a few other movies on there too)
- Some people need to relax
- There are way to many cats
- Why are their so many adds?
- Why do people spend $1,500 on a brand new Windows 8 desktop computer when you can spend a half an hour building your own for $400?
- Lecrae is my favorite music artist... He's a Christian rapper... That sounds ridiculous... I know... But check him out before you knock it.
- No one likes an angry troll
- What?
- Never mind
- Okay...
- Whats the difference between ok and okay?
- Did you notice racecar backwards is racecar?
- NO I do NOT nor did I ever play Warhammer4k or whatever it is... I don't even know what that is..
- Does pac man have phasmophobia?
- Have you ever wondered why turtles hate Mario so much?
- Errr now I'm just looking at this "free games" add...
- I found out how to get any song for free on your computer/iPod/iPhone... Thats pretty cool.
- Have you ever had one of those peanut butter chocolate muffins from Perkins?? Those things are HUGE!!!

    Hmm well anyways... Think I'm done with random thoughts for now.. If you read through all of that let me know... I'll give you an amazing deal! I'll give you 9.8372945 cookies! But wait! I'll even throw in the one from earlier! What a steal! Man I could become a sales person! Well.. Maybe not.. Anyways... Yeah, I think I'm going to call that an update... So.. yeah. Feel free to drop me a message! (Err... comment..).

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