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  • XBOX Live: My Xbox came back from the repair but im still on AG congratz you have me adicted.
  • Wii: you might as well hook a garbage can to your wall and try playing with it
  • PSN: it looks ok i don't have one though
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Ok this is freaking insane it's been 4 days and it still won't let me post I've tried multiple computers used mozila and explorer, but it still says wait 30 seconds before posting again. If someone would tell me if I've been banned or if it's a fixable bug that would be great.
KnightHawk loves to play games.
He is also learning to make games with Visual Basic, and C#.
He thinks the only thing better than playing games is making them.
He loves AG's fourms and you will probably find him in the Gaming fourms He loves fourm games.
His current fourm games he's active in are Survival RPG, Outcast RPG (my favorite), and Darkness RPG.
His first RPG He's made is From Zero to Hero RPG.
His favourite type of games are FPS's (first person shooters), RPG's(role playing games), and adventure games.
You will probably find him in the shooting, action and adventure catagories playing until his mother or brother need to get on *sigh*.
Strangely he is enjoying talking about himself in the third person.

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