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Hello, everyone. I am bicola1. However this is my Active account, and it's brand new so i'm planning to make it even more awesome than the last! Of course, like last time, i'm planning to jazz up the forum games, with maybe the help of some friends. Current Forum Games: DayZ (Forum Games Version) Full list of tips for the DayZ forum games: --- You can bandage someone with as little as some cloth, or as much as cloth, healing ointment, antibiotics ointment, Painkiller ointment, and a knife to finish bandaging properly. Obviously The more items the more health it will heal. ---- Books can be found in lots of places, and can increase your Exp level by a lot from reading them, However, reading them requires a safe location, and time. You may also look back on Books for advice. For example, If you read a book about how to bandage yourself, your exp goes up and you also learn how to do that quickly and easily. ---- Never forget to look at your stats to tell if you are hungry, thirsty, or low on health. I'm not going to remind you every time, i'm just going to put it on the sheet, and you can figure it out yourself ---- Sometimes when talking, If your EXP level is high enough, You can talk Your way out of someone shooting you, or other pressure situations, unless they shoot first and ask questions later, of course. ---- Foods have a certain Saturation level, or in other words, Foods have a different kind of level of how long they keep you full. Things like breads, And things low in nutrients feed you for less time, whereas something like a apple will feed you for longer. Bottom line: if you have a choice between meals, wither take them both or take the one with more saturation. (you can learn the better foods from playing the game more and getting a better feel.) ---- Different pieces of clothing both act as armor, and also can be a customize for your character. Sometimes, if you dress up in things such as camouflage, then you can blend in and have armor. Or, if you dress up as a Military officer, people might have a different reaction towards you when they see you. ---- Primary Tasks are missions that you might get from people, items, clues, and/or curiosity. Primary Tasks are the quests that are more important, and can lead to greater rewards, or other primary tasks along the story-line that i make up, but are usually harder than other Tasks. Secondary Tasks are side quests that are less hard, but might involve other aspects such as puzzles, and minor rewards. ---- It's a good idea to look at other people's story line and learn from them, to help yours. It's also a good idea to look for this Daily tip Every post i make. See you there! Sorry for the cluttered and messy jumble of text, this is the full list of tips for my forum game. I should really find a place to store this archive...

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