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UHm...\r\nSkating , im 18 and yea i totally rock.

its the super fun ultra mega bowl of fun death. enjoi.

I mainly just spend my time on Free Rider 2 , ive been around since it was first submitted on this site so i kind of feel like an original but eh whateva , also if you have an ultra mega sweet map send it to me/

-5u 0 -5u -1i -26 18,-5u -1i -5u -34 -3o 18 -3o 1i,-5u 0 -5u 18 -2q 18 -2q 1i,-2q 18 a 18 3e 18 6i 18 6i -1s 34 18 34 1i,6i -1s 6i -50 68 18 68 1i,6i -50 6s -50 6s 1i -1i 1i -68 1i -68 -50,6i -4m 6s -4m,-5u -34 -5u -50 -5k 18 -5k 1i,-5u -50 -68 -50,-68 -4m -5u -4m -5a 18 -5a 1i,-5u -6i -5u -9m -2g -d4 -2g -de,-5u -9m -5u -b8 -u -d4,-5u -b8 -5u -d4 6i -d4,6i -6i 6i -84 4m -d4,6i -84 6i -9m 34 -d4,6i -9m 6i -b8 1i -d4,6i -b8 6i -d4,-5u -6i -68 -6i -68 -de 6s -de 6s -6i,-68 -6s -5u -6s -5a -d4,-68 -76 -5u -76 -50 -d4,-68 -7g -5u -7g -4m -d4,-68 -7q -5u -7q -4c -d4,-68 -84 -5u -84 -42 -d4,-68 -8e -5u -8e -3o -d4,-68 -8o -5u -8o -3e -d4,-68 -92 -5u -92 -34 -d4 -34 -de,-68 -9c -5u -9c -2q -d4,-5u -9m -68 -9m,-68 -a0 -5u -a0 -26 -d4,-5u -aa -68 -aa,-68 -ak -5u -ak -1i -d4,-68 -au -5u -au -18 -d4,-68 -b8 -5u -b8,-68 -bi -5u -bi -k -d4,-68 -bs -5u -bs -a -d4,-68 -c6 -5u -c6 0 -d4,-68 -cg -5u -cg a -d4,-68 -cq -5u -cq k -d4,-5k -d4 -5k -de,-5a -de -5a -d4,-50 -de -50 -d4,-4m -de -4m -d4,-4c -de -4c -d4,-42 -de -42 -d4,-3o -de -3o -d4,-3e -de -3e -d4,-2q -de -2q -d4,-26 -de -26 -d4,-1s -de -1s -d4,-1i -de -1i -d4,-18 -de -18 -d4,-u -de -u -d4,-k -de -k -d4,-a -de -a -d4,0 -de 0 -d4,a -de a -d4,k -de k -d4,u -de u -d4,18 -de 18 -d4,1i -de 1i -d4,1s -de 1s -d4,26 -de 26 -d4,2g -de 2g -d4,2q -de 2q -d4,34 -de 34 -d4,3e -de 3e -d4,3o -de 3o -d4,42 -de 42 -d4,4c -de 4c -d4,4m -de 4m -d4,50 -de 50 -d4,5a -de 5a -d4,5k -de 5k -d4,5u -de 5u -d4,68 -d4 68 -de,6i -cq 6s -cq,6s -cg 6i -cg a -d4,6s -c6 6i -c6 k -d4,6i -bi 6s -bi,6i -bs 6s -bs,6i -6i 6s -6i,6s -6s 6i -6s 5u -d4,6i -76 6s -76,6s -7g 6i -7g 5a -d4,6i -7q 6s -7q,6s -84 6i -84,6i -8e 6s -8e,6s -8o 6i -8o 42 -d4,6i -92 6s -92,6s -9c 6i -9c 3e -d4,6i -9m 6s -9m,6s -a0 6i -a0 2q -d4,6i -aa 6s -aa,6s -ak 6i -ak 26 -d4,6i -au 6s -au,6s -b8 6i -b8,-68 -4c -5u -4c -50 18 -50 1i,-68 -42 -5u -42 -4m 18,-68 -3o -5u -3o -4c 18 -4c 1i,-68 -3e -5u -3e -42 18,-68 -2q -5u -2q -3e 18 -3e 1i,-5u -34 -68 -34,-68 -2g -5u -2g -34 18 -34 1i,-68 -26 -5u -26 -2q 18,-68 -1s -5u -1s -2g 18 -2g 1i,-68 -1i -5u -1i,-68 -18 -5u -18 -1s 18 -1s 1i,-68 -u -5u -u -1i 18,-68 -k -5u -k -18 18,-68 -a -5u -a -u 18,-68 0 -5u 0 -k 18,-68 a -5u a -a 18 -a 1i,-68 k -5u k 0 18 0 1i,-68 u -5u u a 18,-4m 1i -4m 18,-42 1i -42 18,-26 1i -26 18,-1i 1i -1i 18,-18 1i -18 18,-u 1i -u 18,-k 1i -k 18,a 1i a 18,k 18 k 1i,u 1i u 18,18 1i 18 18,1i 1i 1i 18,1s 18 1s 1i,26 1i 26 18,2g 18 2g 1i,2q 1i 2q 18,3e 1i 3e 18,3o 18 3o 1i,42 1i 42 18,4c 18 4c 1i,4m 1i 4m 18,50 18 50 1i,5a 1i 5a 18,5k 18 5k 1i,5u 1i 5u 18,6i u 6s u,6i k 6s k,6s a 6i a u 18,6s 0 6i 0 18 18,6s -a 6i -a 1i 18,6s -k 6i -k 1s 18,6s -u 6i -u 26 18,6s -18 6i -18 2g 18,6s -1i 6i -1i 2q 18,6s -1s 6i -1s,6s -26 6i -26 3e 18,6s -2g 6i -2g 3o 18,6s -2q 6i -2q 42 18,6s -34 6i -34 4c 18,6s -3e 6i -3e 4m 18,6s -3o 6i -3o 50 18,6s -42 6i -42 5a 18,6s -4c 6i -4c 5k 18,6i -6i 68 -d4,-5u -6i -5k -d4,6i -4m 5u 18,-5u -6i -5k -d4,6i k k 18,6i u a 18,6i -76 5k -d4,6i -7q 50 -d4,6i -8e 4c -d4,6i -92 3o -d4,6i -aa 2g -d4,6i -au 1s -d4,6i -bi 18 -d4,6i -bs u -d4,6i -cq 0 -d4,-5u -aa -1s -d4,-76 -ec -76 26 7q 26 7q -ec -76 -ec,-76 2g -76 26,-7g -68 -7g -em 84 -em 84 2g -7g 2g -7g -68,-7q -4m -7q -f0 8e -f0 8e 2q -7q 2q -7q -50,-84 -50 -84 -fa 8o -fa 8o 34 -84 34 -84 -68,-84 34 -7q -5k,-8e -68 -8e -fk 92 -fk 92 3e -8e 3e -8e -6s,-3o 4c -42 5u,-3o 5a -2q 4c,-3e 50 -3e 5u,-2g 5k -2g 6s -18 68 -18 5k -2g 5u,-u 5a -u 6s,-u 5u -k 5k,-a 5k -a 6i,-a 5u k 5u k 6s,1i 68 26 68 26 5k 1i 5u 1i 6i 26 6i,34 5u 34 6s,34 6i 3e 68,4m 5u 42 5u 42 6i 4m 6i 4c 7q 3e 7q#-k -6s -k -7q 18 -7q 18 -6s u -7q u -84,18 -68 18 -5a -k -5a -k -68 -a -5a -a -50,-k -68 -u -68,-k -5u -u -5u,-u -5k -k -5k a -5a a -50,0 -5a 0 -50,k -5a k -50,u -5a u -50,18 -5k 1i -5k,18 -5u 1i -5u,18 -68 1i -68,18 -6s 1i -6s,18 -76 1i -76,18 -7g 1i -7g,k -84 k -7q,a -84 a -7q,0 -7q 0 -84,-a -7q -a -84,-k -7g -u -7g,-u -76 -k -76 0 -7q,-k -6s -u -6s -u -84 1i -84 1i -50 -u -50 -u -6s,-k -5k -k -5u 0 -5a,18 -68 u -5a,18 -5u k -5a,18 -5k a -5a,-k -6s -a -7q,18 -76 k -7q,18 -7g a -7q,-k -7g a -7q#T 6i -5k,T -5u -5k,O a -6i

Biggest freerider 2 ramp ever.

-18 1i 18 1i 1s 1i 1i 1s 1s 1s 1i 2g 1s 2g 1i 34 1s 3o 1i 4c u 42,-18 1i -i4 1i -ua 1i,-2sq 1i -rq 1i,-2sq 1i -3nc 1i -3ok 1i -3ok -1fg -3jk 1i,-3ok -1es -3ok -1k6 -3oa 1i,-3ok -1k6 -3ou -1k6 -3ou -5u -3ou 1i -3ok 1i,-3ou -1js -3ok -1js -3o0 1i,-3ou -1ji -3ok -1ji -3nm 1i,-3ou -1j8 -3ok -1j8 -3nc 1i,-3ou -1ik -3ok -1ik -3mo 1i,-3ou -1iu -3ok -1iu -3n2 1i,-3ou -1ia -3ok -1ia -3me 1i,-3ou -1i0 -3ok -1i0 -3m4 1i,-3ou -1hm -3ok -1hm -3lq 1i,-3ou -1hc -3ok -1hc -3lg 1i,-3ou -1h2 -3ok -1h2 -3l6 1i,-3ou -1go -3ok -1go -3ks 1i,-3ou -1ge -3ok -1ge -3ki 1i,-3ou -1g4 -3ok -1g4 -3k8 1i,-3ou -1fq -3ok -1fq -3ju 1i,-3ou -1fg -3ok -1fg,-3ou -1f6 -3ok -1f6 -3ja 1i,-3ou -1es -3ok -1es -3j0 1i,-3ou -1ei -3ok -1ei -3im 1i,-3ou -1e8 -3ok -1e8 -3ic 1i,-3ou -1du -3ok -1du -3i2 1i,-3ou -1dk -3ok -1dk -3ho 1i,-3ou -1da -3ok -1da -3he 1i,-3ou -1d0 -3ok -1d0 -3h4 1i,-3ou -1cm -3ok -1cm -3gq 1i,-3ou -1cc -3ok -1cc -3gg 1i,-3ou -1c2 -3ok -1c2 -3g6 1i,-3ou -1bo -3ok -1bo -3fs 1i,-3ou -1be -3ok -1be -3fi 1i,-3ou -1b4 -3ok -1b4 -3f8 1i,-3ou -1aq -3ok -1aq -3eu 1i,-3ou -1ag -3ok -1ag -3ek 1i,-3ou -1a6 -3ok -1a6 -3ea 1i,-3ou -19s -3ok -19s -3e0 1i,-3ok -19i -3ou -19i,-3ou -198 -3ok -198 -3dc 1i,-3ou -18u -3ok -18u -3d2 1i,-3ou -18k -3ok -18k -3co 1i,-3ou -18a -3ok -18a -3ce 1i,-3ou -180 -3ok -180 -3c4 1i,-3ou -17m -3ok -17m -3bq 1i,-3ou -17c -3ok -17c -3bg 1i,-3ou -172 -3ok -172 -3b6 1i,-3ou -16o -3ok -16o -3as 1i,-3ou -16e -3ok -16e -3ai 1i,-3ou -16e -3ok -16e,-3ou -164 -3ok -164 -3a8 1i,-3ou -15q -3ok -15q -39u 1i,-3ou -15g -3ok -15g -39k 1i,-3ou -156 -3ok -156 -39a 1i,-3ou -14s -3ok -14s -390 1i,-3ou -14i -3ok -14i -38m 1i,-3ou -148 -3ok -148 -38c 1i,-3ou -13u -3ok -13u -382 1i,-3ou -13k -3ok -13k -37o 1i,-3ou -13a -3ok -13a -37e 1i,-3ou -130 -3ok -130 -374 1i,-3ou -12m -3ok -12m -36q 1i,-3ou -12c -3ok -12c -36g 1i,-3ou -122 -3ok -122 -366 1i,-3ou -11o -3ok -11o -35s 1i,-3ou -114 -3ok -114 -358 1i,-3ou -11e -3ok -11e -35i 1i,-3ou -10q -3ok -10q -34u 1i,-3ou -10g -3ok -10g -34k 1i,-3ou -106 -3ok -106 -34a 1i,-3ou -vs -3ok -vs -340 1i,-3ou -vi -3ok -vi -33m 1i,-3ou -v8 -3ok -v8 -33c 1i,-3ou -uu -3ok -uu -332 1i,-3ou -uk -3ok -uk -32o 1i,-3ok 18 -3ou 18,-3ou u -3ok u -23g 1i,-3ou k -3ok k -244 1i,-3ok a -3ou a,-3ok 0 -3ou 0,-3ok -a -3ou -a,-3ok -k -3ou -k,-3ok -u -3ou -u,-3ok -18 -3ou -18,-3ok -1i -3ou -1i,-3ou -1s -3ok -1s -260 1i,-3ou -26 -3ok -26 -26a 1i,-3ou -2g -3ok -2g -26k 1i,-3ou -2q -3ok -2q -26u 1i,-3ou -34 -3ok -34 -278 1i,-3ou -3e -3ok -3e -27i 1i,-3ou -3o -3ok -3o -27s 1i,-3ou -42 -3ok -42 -286 1i,-3ou -4c -3ok -4c -28g 1i,-3ou -4m -3ok -4m -28q 1i,-3ou -50 -3ok -50 -294 1i,-3ou -5a -3ok -5a -29e 1i,-3ou -5k -3ok -5k -29o 1i,-3ok -5u -3ou -5u,-3ou -68 -3ok -68 -2ac 1i,-3ok -6i -3ou -6i,-3ou -6s -3ok -6s -2b0 1i,-3ok -76 -3ou -76,-3ou -7g -3ok -7g -2bk 1i,-3ok -7q -3ou -7q,-3ou -84 -3ok -84 -2c8 1i,-3ok -8e -3ou -8e,-3ou -8o -3ok -8o -2cs 1i,-3ok -92 -3ou -92,-3ou -9c -3ok -9c -2dg 1i,-3ou -9m -3ok -9m -2dq 1i,-3ou -a0 -3ok -a0 -2e4 1i,-3ou -ua -3ok -ua -32e 1i,-3ou -u0 -3ok -u0 -324 1i,-3ok -tm -3ou -tm,-3ou -tc -3ok -tc -31g 1i,-3ou -t2 -3ok -t2 -316 1i,-3ou -so -3ok -so -30s 1i,-3ou -se -3ok -se -30i 1i,-3ou -s4 -3ok -s4 -308 1i,-3ou -rq -3ok -rq -2vu 1i,-3ou -rg -3ok -rg -2vk 1i,-3ou -r6 -3ok -r6 -2va 1i,-3ou -qs -3ok -qs -2v0 1i,-3ou -qi -3ok -qi -2um 1i,-3ou -q8 -3ok -q8 -2uc 1i,-3ou -pu -3ok -pu -2u2 1i,-3ou -pk -3ok -pk -2to 1i,-3ou -pa -3ok -pa -2te 1i,-3ou -p0 -3ok -p0 -2t4 1i,-3ou -om -3ok -om -2sq 1i,-3ou -oc -3ok -oc -2sg 1i,-3ou -o2 -3ok -o2 -2s6 1i,-3ou -no -3ok -no -2rs 1i,-3ou -ne -3ok -ne -2ri 1i,-3ou -n4 -3ok -n4 -2r8 1i,-3ou -mq -3ok -mq -2qu 1i,-3ou -mg -3ok -mg -2qk 1i,-3ou -m6 -3ok -m6 -2qa 1i,-3ou -ls -3ok -ls -2q0 1i,-3ou -li -3ok -li -2pm 1i,-3ou -l8 -3ok -l8 -2pc 1i,-3ou -ku -3ok -ku -2p2 1i,-3ou -kk -3ok -kk -2oo 1i,-3ou -ka -3ok -ka -2oe 1i,-3ou -k0 -3ok -k0 -2o4 1i,-3ou -jm -3ok -jm -2nq 1i,-3ou -jc -3ok -jc -2ng 1i,-3ou -j2 -3ok -j2 -2n6 1i,-3ou -io -3ok -io -2ms 1i,-3ou -ie -3ok -ie -2mi 1i,-3ou -i4 -3ok -i4 -2m8 1i,-3ou -hq -3ok -hq -2lu 1i,-3ou -hg -3ok -hg -2lk 1i,-3ou -h6 -3ok -h6 -2la 1i,-3ou -gs -3ok -gs -2l0 1i,-3ou -aa -3ok -aa -2ee 1i,-3ou -ak -3ok -ak -2eo 1i,-3ou -au -3ok -au -2f2 1i,-3ou -b8 -3ok -b8 -2fc 1i,-3ou -bi -3ok -bi -2fm 1i,-3ou -bs -3ok -bs -2g0 1i,-3ok -c6 -3ou -c6,-3ok -cg -3ou -cg,-3ok -cq -3ou -cq,-3ok -d4 -3ou -d4,-3ou -gi -3ok -gi -2km 1i,-3ou -g8 -3ok -g8 -2kc 1i,-3ou -fu -3ok -fu -2k2 1i,-3ok -fk -3ou -fk,-3ok -fa -3ou -fa,-3ok -f0 -3ou -f0,-3ok -em -3ou -em,-3ok -ec -3ou -ec,-3ok -e2 -3ou -e2,-3ok -do -3ou -do,-3ok -de -3ou -de,-3ok -19i -3dm 1i,-3ok -tm -31q 1i,-3ok -fk -2jo 1i,-3ok -fa -2je 1i,-3ok -f0 -2j4 1i,-3ok -em -2iq 1i,-3ok -ec -2ig 1i,-3ok -e2 -2i6 1i,-3ok -do -2hs 1i,-3ok -de -2hi 1i,-3ok -d4 -2h8 1i,-3ok -cq -2gu 1i,-3ok -cg -2gk 1i,-3ok -c6 -2ga 1i,-3ok -92 -2d6 1i,-3ok -8e -2ci 1i,-3ok -7q -2bu 1i,-3ok -76 -2ba 1i,-3ok -6i -2am 1i,-3ok -5u -2a2 1i,-3ok -1i -25m 1i -25c 1i,-3ok -18 -25m 1i,-3ok -u -25m 1i,-3ok -k -25c 1i,-3ok -a -252 1i,-3ok 0 -24e 1i,-3ok a -24e 1i,-3ok 18 -21a 1i#-6i -3e -a0 -3e -a0 -2g,-6i -4c -a0 -4c -a0 -5a -b8 -42 -a0 -2g,-6i -4c -6i -3e,-92 1s -92 3e,-92 2g -8e 1s,-8o 26 -8o 3e,-8e 2q -8e 3e -84 3e -84 2q -8e 2q,-7q 3e -7q 26 -76 2g -7q 2q -76 3e,-6s 3e -6s 26 -6i 3e -6i 26,-68 26 -68 3e -68 2q -68 26 -5k 26,-68 3e -5k 3e -68 3e,-68 2q -5k 2q -68 2q,-5a 26 -5a 3o -5a 26 -4m 2g -5a 34 -4m 3o,-34 26 -4c 2g -4c 34 -34 34 -34 42 -4c 42,-42 4c -42 1s,-3e 1s -3e 4m,-bs -2g -bs -18,-bs -2g -bi -26 -bi -1s -bi -18 -bs -18,-bi -1s -bs -1s,-b8 -1i -b8 -18,-au -1i -au -18 -ak -18 -ak -u -au -u,-ak -18 -ak -1i -au -1i,-aa -1i -aa -18 -a0 -18 -a0 -1i -a0 -u -aa -u,-a0 -1i -aa -1i,-9c -18 -92 -18 -92 -1i -9m -1i -9m -u -92 -u,-84 -1i -8o -1i -8o -18 -84 -18 -8e -u -8o -u,-7g -26 -7g -k,-84 -26 -6s -26,-68 -u -5u -2g -5a -1s -5u -1i -5k -u,-5a -u -50 -26 -4m -k,-4m -18 -5a -1i,-4c -k -42 -26 -3o -u -3e -26 -3e -k,-34 -k -2q -2g -26 -1i -34 -18,-1i -2q -18 -u,-1i -2q -u -2q,-18 -1s -u -1s,-18 -18 -u -18,-k -2q 0 -u k -34,18 -34 u -18 1i -u,18 -1s 1s -1s,18 -2q 26 -2q,1s -u 34 -3e 3e -1i 2g -1s 2q -a,4m -2q 3o a,2q a 3o 1s,4c k 34 18#T -3oa -1k6

My super awesome TL KLIK Track

-18 1i 18 1i 8o 1i bi 1i,-18 1i -34 1i -5a 1i -6i 1i -68 1s 18 1s 8o 1s bi 1s gs 1s h6 1s,-68 1s -68 26 -68 8o -6i 92 gi 92 12m 92 13a 92 180 92 198 92,-68 8o -68 92,-68 8o -4m 8o,-1i 18 -2q 18 -34 18 -34 -k,-4c 18 -4c -u -2q -u -2q -18 -5a -18,-2q -u -2q -k -42 -k -42 18 -4c 18 -4m 18 -4m -u -68 -u -68 -18 -5a -18,-2q -k -2g -k -2g -18 -2q -18,-2g u -1i u -1i 18,-2g k -1i k -1i u,-2g k -2g -k,-2g u -2q u -2q -k,gs 1i bi 1i,gs 1i gs -k h6 1s,gs -k gi 1i,gs -a g8 1i,gs 0 fu 1i,gs a fk 1i,gs k fa 1i,gs u f0 1i,gs 18 em 1i,hq 0 hq 2q hq 7q 13a 7q 180 7q 1aq 7q 1aq 84 19i 84,hq 2q kk 7q,1aq 7q 1aq 9m,hq 0 hg a hg 84 i4 84 i4 8e ie 8o ie 8e io 84 13a 84 180 84 180 7q,hq 0 i4 7q,hq a ie 7q,hq k io 7q,hq u j2 7q,hq 18 jc 7q,hq 1s jm 7q,hq 26 k0 7q,hq 2g ka 7q,hq 34 ku 7q,hq 3e l8 7q,hq 3o li 7q,hq 42 ls 7q,hq 4c m6 7q,hq 4m mg 7q,hq 50 mq 7q,hq 5a n4 7q,hq 5k ne 7q,hq 5u no 7q,hq 68 o2 7q,hq 6i om 7q,hq 6s p0 7q,hq 76 pa 7q,hq 7g pk 7q,gs 26 gs 8o 13a 8o 180 8o 198 8o,gs 26 -6i 26 -6i 1i,-6i 8o -6i 26,-6i 8o -6i 92,gi 8o gi 2g gs 2g,gi 2g gi 26,gi 2g gs 26,198 84 180 84,198 84 198 9m 19i 9m 19i 84,19i 8o 1ag 8o 1aq 8o,19i 92 1ag 92 1aq 92,1b4 9c 1b4 7q 1aq 7q,1b4 7q 1bo 7q 1c2 7q 1c2 8o 1cc 7q 1cm 84 1c2 92 1cm 9m 1cc 9m 1c2 9c 1c2 9m 1bo 9m 1aq 9m,1cc 7q 1cm 7q 1cm 9m 1da 9m 1d0 9c 1d0 7q 1da 7q 1d0 7g 1cm 7g 1cc 7q 1c2 7q,1d0 9c 1du 9c 1e8 9m 1da 9m,1du 9c 1du 7q 1da 7q 1da 9c 1du 9c,1du 7q 1du 9c,1c2 92 1cm 92,1bo 9m 1bo 7q,1b4 9c 1bo 9c 1bo 9m,1cc 9c 1cm 9c,1e8 7q 1e8 9m,1e8 7q 1ei 7q 1ei 8e 1ei 8o 1es 7q 1f6 84 1ei 92 1f6 9m 1es 9m 1ei 9c 1ei 9m 1e8 9m,1ei 7q 1es 7q 1hc 7q 1sk 7q 23q gs 29e gs,1f6 84 1hc 84 1sk 84 23g gs 23q h6 29e h6 2ga h6 2gu h6,1ei 92 1hc 92 1sk 92 236 hg 23g hq 294 hq 2gu hq 2gu gs 2h8 gs 2h8 hg 2i6 hg 2i6 gs 2ig gs 2ig hg 2iq hg 2iq hq 2ig hq 2ig io 2hs io 2hs hq 2gu hq,23g hq 1sk hq 1sk hg 1sk 92,1sk hg 236 hg,2h8 gs 2i6 gs,2ig gs 2jo gs 2k2 gs 2k2 io 2lk io 2lk ie 2kc ie 2kc gs 2kc gi 2k2 gs,2iq hq 2j4 hq 2j4 hg 2jo hg 2jo hq 2j4 hq,2j4 hg 2iq 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My Skatepark...

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________+++++++8888888888 !!!

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