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ど き は
う ょ じ
ぞ う め
よ す ま
ろ ' -
- で て
く す

ArmorGames cuts off some of the Japanese characters so if you're wondering it says Nice to meet you. I'm Kyousuke. Please be good/nice to me. The last sentence sounds funny but it is a common thing to say when you introduce yourself to someone in Japan. For any people that are curious the Romaji (English version of those funny looking things above) is Hajimemashite. Kyousuke desu. Douzo yoroshiku.

D:< Darn you ArmorGames!!! The bleeped out part of the long Romaji word is sH!t

I know a little bit about Japanese and Japan. But I'm by NO means an expert. I took a Japanese class in high school and ever since I've become very interested in it.

I used the name Kyousuke because back in that Japanese class I took we had to read this novel/play thing and when we were randomly picking parts I got a character named Kyousuke.

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