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hey everone its coolster3000 again, this is the club news:


LEGENDARY ARMY CLUB JOBS AND SHOP!!! = http://armorgames.com/user/LegendaryArmyJobs thats the link to it, im updating it now

NEW RANKS: the new ranks for 300 points and 200 points are lord/lady and prince/princess

LEGENARY ARMY WEBSITE: this should be the link to it http://legendaryarmy.weebly.com/  , it might not work though, please tell me if it dosent!

MEMBER OF THE WEEK!: goes to ... well it would have been death reaper, but it looks like hes quit, so ill give it to CHAMPION10 for continuesly offering to help!

SCHOOL: me and rbn88 are back at school now so it will be hard to update the club, well try our best though!

there may be more news later, until then....  HAPPY RANKING and JOIN THE CLUB!!!!!

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