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You guys should join my clan,
The GSG-12-
If you want to join ask me and I will put you in it.
The GSG-12 consists of a bunch of ranks simply get certain armor points to rank up.

The enlisted ranks are-
recruit-50 ap
private 1- 100 ap
private 2- 125 ap
private first class- 150 ap
specialist-200 ap
corporal-250 ap
sargeant-300 ap
staff sargeant-375 ap
sargeant fist class-450 ap
master sargeant-525 ap
fist sargeant-600 ap
sargeant major- 700 ap
sargeant major of the GSG-9.-1000 ap

the warrant officer ranks are-
warrant officer 1-2000 ap
warrant officer 2-3000 ap
warrant officer 3-4000 ap
warrant officer 4-5000 ap
warrant officer 5-6500 ap
warrant officer 6-8000 ap.

The officer ranks are-
2nd Lieutenant-1750 ap
1st Lieutenant-2250 ap
Captain-3000 ap
Major-4000 ap
Lieutenant Colonel-6000 ap
Colonel-10000 ap
Brigadier General(1star)-12000 ap
Major General(2star)-14500 ap
Lieutenant General(3star)-175000 ap
General(4star)-20000 ap

(to become an officer you must be a Knight silver on armor games,
you must have an Xbox/Windows Live acount,
A steam ID,
and you must apply with all these traits.)
I am the only General of the GSG-9,
but anyone can be a 4 star general.
and the first general will be my co-leader.
Please Join Guys!

Apply by sending me a comment,
email, or a contact on my website.
My email is LeutenantKD@gmail.com

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