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Cna yuo raed tihs?
Olny 55% of plepoe can.

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!
fi yuo cna raed tihs, palce it in yuor porfiel!

I make free rider 2 maps

-18 1i 18 1i 18 9m 1pq 9m 2n6 9m 49q 9m,-18 1i -2g 1i -2g -42 k -42 5u -92 35i -92,34k 9m 35i -92,6i 9m 84 34,em 9m bs 2q,6s 9m 7g 92,li -92 li -76 ls -76 ls -92,11o 8o 12m 9c 12m 9m,12m 9c 130 92,12m 9c 12c 9c,14s 8e 15q 9m 156 92,15q 9m 164 84,11o 92 12m 9c 12m 92,u0 7g uk 9m uu 92,uk 9c tm 92,114 -92 122 -3e 130 -92,k0 9m kk 7g,l8 9m kk 7q,1uq -92 1na -26,24o -92 1ug 0 1p6 k,1ik 9m 1k6 50,1m2 9c 1le 5k,1mm a0 1kg 50,1g4 9m 1ik 5a,1oi 9m 1na 4m,2ba 9m 26k 5u,2ba 9m 2l0 9m,27s 6s 28q 50,294 7q 2c8 3e#2u2 9m 2u2 68 2vk 68,32e 68 32e 9m,32e 68 31g 68 31g 50 2vk 50 2vk 68,308 5k 308 5a 30i 5a 30i 5k 30s 5k 30s 5u 30i 5u 30i 68 308 68 308 5u 2vu 5u 2vu 5k 308 5k,2vk 9m 2vk 8o 30i 8o 30i 9m,308 8o 308 9m,2vu 8o 2vu 9m,-4c -42 -4c -34,-4c -42 -3o -42 -3o -3o -4c -3o,-3e -42 -3e -34,-3e -42 -2q -42 -2q -3o -3e -3o,-2g -42 -2g -3o,-26 -42 -26 -34,-3o -2g -3o -u -3e -1i,-3o -u -42 -1i,-4m -6s -4m -5u,-4m -6s -42 -6s -42 -6i -42 -5u -4m -5u,-42 -6i -4m -6i -42 -6i,-3o -68 -3o -5u,-3o -68 -3e -68,-2q -68 -2q -5u,-2q -6s -2q -6i,-26 -6i -26 -5u,-26 -6i -1i -6i -1i -5u,-26 -6i -26 -6s,-u -6i -k -6i -k -68 -k -5k -u -5k,-k -68 -u -68 -u -6i,-42 -a -42 a -4m a -4m u -42 u -42 1i -3e 1i -3e u -2q u -2q a -3e a -3e -a -42 -a,-3e -5a -42 -5a -42 -50 -3e -50 -3e -4m -42 -4m,a0 8e a0 92 aa 9c,a0 92 9m 9c,a0 8o aa 8o,a0 8o 9m 8o,a0 5a a0 5u,a0 68 a0 6i,li -76 li -6i l8 -68,li -6i ls -6s,l8 -6i ku -6s,li -68 ls -5u,j2 -76 j2 -68,j2 -5k j2 -5a,au 9c au 9m,au 9c ak 9c,12m 8o 122 9c 122 9m,122 9c 11e 9c,11o 8o 12m 9c 12c 9c 11o 9c,12m 9c 130 92,12m 9c 12c 9c,12c 92 122 8e,12c 92 130 9m,12m 9c 130 9c,11o 92 122 92,11o 92 122 9m,106 5u 106 76,106 84 106 8o,1su -k 1su -a 1sa -k,1su -a 1sk 0,1su -a 1t8 0,1ts -34 1ts -26,1ts -1s 1ts -1i,1su -k 1ti -k,1su -k 1sk -k,1os 68 1na 68 1mm 76,1nu 68 1o8 5a,1nu 68 1o8 6i,1na 68 1n0 5k,1pq 2g 1pq 3o,1pq 4c 1pq 4m,1nk 5u 1nk 6i,1nu 68 1n0 6i,1nk 5u 1o8 6s,1nk 5u 1nu 76,1nk 5u 1nu 6i#T 1p6 6s,S 1os 68,T 1sa -u,S 1su -u,T 10g 92,S 130 8e,T li -5u,S ku -5u,T 9m 92,S a0 84,T 2sq 9c

This is my latest free rider map called search and rescue and is for helicopter only.

Torture chamber of doom!

pu -26 pu 4c 18 1i -26 1i -3e 1i -3e -aa -18 -aa 50 -aa,pu -26 pu -aa 50 -aa,pu -5k ls -5a,pu -4m j2 -1i,pu 0 ie -26,pu 3e mq u,pu k l8 1s,l8 3o io u,n4 u hq 18,no 0 hq 1s,no -k jm 1s,n4 -26 jm -k,oc -4m jc -u,n4 -76 li -1i,oc -6s kk -1s,pu -84 mg -7q,ne -5u li -5k,n4 -50 i4 -34,m6 -5a em 1s,l8 0 em -a,k0 3e de a,de 0 bs -18,h6 1s au u,ie k em 0,de 0 e2 k,j2 a em u,gi -k do 1i,io -a ec k,e2 -u bs 0,hg 0 cq u,ku -1i c6 -2g,kk -k gi 1i,gs -a em -a,gi -18 ec -26,hg -1s cq -26,io -26 f0 -26,fa -1s f0 -1s,no -76 hq -42,ne -6i ie -5a,ne -3o bs -50,no -4m fa -5k,ne -5u i4 -5k,no -5u fu -2g,li -2g fa -3e,n4 -34 f0 -5a,l8 -u fa -5u,m6 -k c6 -4m,l8 26 b8 -1s,ka -a em -3o,k0 0 fa -a,j2 -a bs -50,jm a em -2g,gs 34 fk k,io 2g de 2q,ku 18 fa 2g,li 0 d4 u,m6 -50 ie -u,ie -3o de -u,hq -k 8e -26,ls -50 e2 -5a##B 0 0 ek,B -a a dk,B -a k dg,B -a u dc,B 0 k dg,B a k d0,B a u d7,B 0 18 d0,B a a d7,B 1i a e2,B 1i u cl,B 1i u cl,B 1i a d7,B 1s 0 dg,B k k e2,B u u cl,B u a cl,B 1i k dc,B k k dc

-18 1i 18 1i,a 1i -6 16 o r,-34 10g -7q 11o,-g8 1iu -hq 1iu,-g8 1iu -fa 1iu,-no 3h4 -ls 3h4,-qi 4is -no 4k4,-bs 51s -de 52q,-1g4 ddc -1s ddc -1s de0,-6s d3m -34 d3m,-6s d3m -2q d3m -1s d3m -1s d4u -1s d58 -1s d5s -1s d66,-6s d3m -6s d5s#au -50 18 -5a 18 1i 18 68 4c 1fq,au -50 92 6i h6 1fq,92 6i 18 68,a 0 -18 -1i,a a -18 -u,0 k -18 -a,-cg ua -c6 v8 -cq vi -cq 10q -do 11e -de 130 -f0 13a -gs 148 -j2 16o -ku 1b4 -ku 1dk -mq 1e8 -n4 1hm -l8 1js -o2 1js -ls 1kg -o2 1kq -ls 1le -om 1le -12m 2to -122 3nm,3o 1fq -gs 1kq -f0 1m2 -hg 1le -fk 1mm -ie 1m2 -fk 1nk -b8 3gq -ls 3h4 -hq 3me -b8 4b2 -ak 4hu -34 4pe 5a 4ru hq 53o 3o 8ou 1u6 8ou,3o 1fq r6 1fq,-ku 3ic -mg 3h4,-kk 3im -ne 3h4,-122 3nc -tm 41m -tm 4c0 -rg 4ds -t2 4g2 -so 4oq -no 4k4,-so 4oq -n4 58o,-qi 4is -v8 4f4,-t2 4lc -pu 4j6,-so 4ni -o2 4k4,-t2 4hu -qi 4is,-so 4ma -p0 4jq,-n4 58e -om 5o2 -180 8gq,a0 k ak de,18 2g 0 d4 1s cq,0 d4 1s ec,ak 6i 92 7g,-cg ua -tm -26 -mq -26 -hg ku,-7q 11o -de 130,3e uk -34 10g,-3e 10g 3o 19s,-7q 11o -jc 17m,-6s 11e -6i 1ia,-mg 1fq -mg 1f6,-mg 1fq -mg 1ge -mq 1hm,-mg 1fq -mq 1fg,-mg 1fq -mq 1fq,-mg 1ge -n4 1h2,-jm 1f6 -jm 1da -li 1dk -l8 1f6,-ku 1du -ka 1du -ka 1ei -kk 1ei -kk 1es,-ku 1f6 -ka 1f6 -ka 1fq -ku 1fq -ku 1f6,-jm 1es -jc 1ge -l8 1g4 -l8 1f6,-m6 1f6 -l8 1fg,-m6 1fg -l8 1g4,-180 8gg -37o 946,de cu2 -4m dgq -1d0 dgq -286 clk,-5k ddc -5k d5s -42 d5s,-42 ddc -42 d5s,-5k d6q -42 d6q,-5k d7e -42 d7e,-5k d82 -42 d82,-5k d8m -42 d8m,-5k d90 -42 d90,-5k d9k -42 d9k,-5k d9u -42 d9u,-5k da8 -42 da8,-5k das -42 das,-5k dbg -42 dbg,-5k dce -42 dce,-2q d5i -6s d5i,-6s d58 -6s d3m -6s d3c -92 d3m -a0 d4k -9c d5i -6s d66 -6s d5i,-6s d3m -2q d3m -1s d3m -1s d58,-6s d4u -6s d5i,-2q d5i -2q d66 -2q d6q -34 d6q -34 d74 -2q d74 -2q d6q,-2q d66 -6s d66,-6s d3c -2q d3c -k d3c -k d5s -2q d66,-2q d3c -2q d3m,-92 d4a -92 d4k -8e d4k -8e d40,-9c d40 -9c d4k -7g d4k -7g d3m,-4m d3c -4m d1q -4m cvu -4c cvu -4c d1g,-4m d1q -4c d1q -4c *** -4m *** -4m d1g,-4c d1q -4c d3c -4m d3c,-7g d66 -7g d6g -76 d6g -76 d66 -76 d6q -7g d6q -7g d74 -76 d74 -6s d74 -6s d6q -76 d6q,-4m d1q -76 d1q -76 d24 -4m d24 -4m d4u -4c d4u -4c d24 0 d24 0 d1q -4c d1q,-50 d1q -9m d1q -9m d24 -50 d24,-1s d1q -1s d24,-4m d32 -4c d32,-k d5s 1s d4k 1s d2o 1s d1g 26 d1g 26 d2o 3o d2o 3o d32 26 d32,1s d4k -k d3c,1s d2o a d2o a d32 1s d32 1s d4u 26 d4u 26 d32,1s d2o 26 d2o 26 d4k 1s d4k,1s d32 1s d3m 1s d3c,-fa 1iu -a0 1j8,-fk 1iu -e2 1kg,-gs 1ik -g8 1kq,-hq 1iu -ls 1j8,-gs 1ik -kk 1aq,-fu 1iu -e2 14s,-bs 51s a 4qc,-de 52q -p0 534,-de 52q -n4 58o,-bs 51s -1s 4q2,-bs 51s 2q 4ra,-de 52q -ne 5c6,-7g 86q -76 8co -5k 8ai,-76 8co -92 8ai,-92 8ea -9c 8g6,-9c 8ea -8e 8ea,-7g 8fi -84 8fi -84 8fs -7g 8fs -7g 8fi,-4m 8e0 -4m 8fi -4m 8f8 -3o 8f8 -3o 8fs,-3e 8fi -2g 8fi -2g 8eu -34 8eu -34 8fs -26 8fs,-a 8dm -a 8g6,-18 8dm -18 8fs,-gi 890 -gi 89k,-gi 89u -gi 8a8,-2q d5i -2q d3m#B -2q d58 9r,B -2q d4k 8e,B -2q d40 8e,B -6s d58 2q,B -6s d4k 2q,B -6i d40 5k,B -3o d3m 71,B -4c d3m 5k,B -50 d3m 4p,B -5k d3m 5k,T -4c d4u,G -4m dce at,B -3o dd2 a3,B -68 ddc e,B -5k ddc n,B -6s dd2 b,B -7g dd2 b8,B -84 ddc b,B -7g ddc b,B -8e ddc i,B -7q ddm b8,B -8o ddc b8,B -9c ddc i,B -aa dco ao,B -b8 dd2 b0,B -au ddc am,B -bi d82 5k,B -ak d82 5k,B -a0 dd2 ar,B -f0 d82 4p,B -do d82 5k,B -ec d8c 5k,B -gi dbq 1d,B -k0 dc4 1d,B -ku dbg 1d,B -li db6 28,B -jc dco am,B -kk dco i,B -mg dbg 24,B -m6 dc4 1v,B -li dce 12,B -ku dco i,B -f0 dco r,B -ec dd2 r,B -e2 dco b8,B -de dco i,B -cg dco am,B -cg ddc aq,B -de ddm av,B -jm dbq b8,B -jm dd2 b8,B -jc dd2 b,B -io dd2 o,B -hq ddm a6,B -h6 ddc am,B -fk dce aq,B -g8 dce 6,B -fa dd2 b8,B -g8 ddc b1,T -de 518,T -cq 518,S -mg 1f6,T -oc 4j6,T -p0 4is,T -oc 3i2,T -om 3ho,T -o2 3ho,T -oc 3he,T -jm 1k6,T -k0 1le,T -jm 1kq,O -ie 1m2,O -hg 1le,O -h6 1kq,O -ls 1l4,O -ls 1le,O -li 1kq,O -li 1kg,O -l8 1k6,O -ku 1k6,S -g8 1fq,T -gi 1g4,T -fk 1fg,T -3e 4c,T -26 34

Another of my free rider 2 maps called cliffs of death its a unicycle auto


A crush the castle castle (its pretty hard)

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