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Don't EVER click that......
Trust me, I was the first to find out the hard way........twice....

A little about myself......

1) The reason I made this biography smaller is because, I no longer wanted a long page of random guns and drawings etc.

2) I'm no longer the kid I was once, I've grown up and my time has come. I've changed, and I would like to think for the better. So don't take it the wrong way, if I seem less keen to the things I used to do.

I hope I can join the Canadian Forces. In a few years I think I will try and get recruited. If all goes well, I can be applied for my basic training.

I will be trying to get into the Infantry, my back up selections at the moment are a little fuzzy and unclear. Infantry is what I'm mostly focusing on.

This is something I want to do. It is something that in my mind, is so much better then working in an office building with nothing but computers and cubicles around me.

This is something I need. To serve my country and to feel like I have accomplished something in my life. There is no other job that appeals to me at the moment, and I want to carry this out.

Wish me luck ladies and gentlemen! And support the troops no matter what country they are from.

The Red and Black attack, Wolfpac forever.

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