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Hello people who are reading this. My name is Wrath.

About Me~~Clan

Well my favorite game is Exit Path. That is were you will see me all the time basically. Over the time i have played Exit Path, i have joined a lot of clans but the two that i am most recognized in are The Angels(2nd generation) and The Demons. My Ex-Angel name was Angel Of Soviet Union but me and the leader Zen (Not Zenzational) had a bit of a problem with eachother so i decided to quit. Before i actually did quit i joined another clan called The Demon. It had to be the smallest clan during Exit Path. Only 3 players in it. I called myself Demon Of Wrath. Soon enough they all "died" and then you could say the clan "died". I was the only active member and never thought of bringing the clan back alive.
About a year later i ran upon the old Clan leader, Demon Of Evil (Joshua 12323). We talked about the clan and I ended reviving it, with me being the leader and Josh being part time.

About me~~Personality

Umm...What to say? I guess im a pretty laid back guy most of the time. You could ask a few of my Exit Path buddies and probably the first thing the would say would be, "What ever you do, don't make him mad."
So i do have a bit of anger management issue but not bad enough i have to take pills or go to classes. I try to control it but it's harder than you think. I'm what you would call "Old School". I don't like anything new. No new music, cars, clothes, ect.

About me~~Stupid mistakes

The biggest mistake i ever did on here at least, would be not listening to Armor Games rules. **PEOPLE RESPECT THERE RULES**. Anyway i made idk...maybe 10 accounts and then i also made a hate account on mods(Sorry mods). So i was banned for 2 months maybe and they deleted all my accounts except one, StealthAngel. I don't do much with that account so i might get it deleted. Not sure yet. I didn't want that account name so i made this one. In case you were wondering what my names means, Its Light Of Wrath in German.

About me~~Music, Cars, Guitars

I am a die hard metal fan. I breath metal to live. With out metal music i don't know what i would do with my life. I hate rap & hip pop. I can't stand it. Say what you want but metal has been around forever and will never die. ROCK ON!!
Some bands that like would be~
Judas Priest
ZZ top
Five Finger Death Punch
Motley Crue
Metal Church
Just to name a few.
Oh and cant forget Quiet Riot :D

I love muscle cars. My dream car is a 1969 Boss 302 Mustang. My colors on it would black and red racing stripes. I also like shelbies, GT's, Chevelle's, & nova's.
I think every man needs a truck and Ford is the way to go. Though Ram does have a good motor i still prefer Ford. I would love to have a 1984 F-250 truck.

I have been play guitar for about 5 or 6 years now. I love the sound of acoustic guitars. Yamaha makes good acoustic guitars and so do Martins. I love playing electric guitars. Playing solos and making my own riffs makes me feel really sexy lol. I have a LTD which is knock off of Les Paul which for a knock off is almost alike as a Les Paul. Some are pretty cheap while other can be expensive.

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