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This profile needs further editing, but I'm a lazy guy. Hey, I'm JMcAfreak. I'm 22, and I'm a gamer at heart. While I love the big, intense games, the games I play here have a special place in my heart. They allow me to just goof off, so to speak. There are things in these games that you won't find in the big production titles (or even most indie games). Anyway, enough of that. I like to laugh, and I like to make others laugh. I also love to write, and I'm working on a book series that I hope to have published. I don't like revealing too many details about it - I want it to be a complete surprise. ============================== I've been a member of ArmorGames for a long time now. I started back before the change to the current site and logo. I actually remember the old ranking system. I reached the rank of Gold Squire before the ranking system was overhauled and pretty much replaced by achievements. I do things here and there, and at one point I hosted a sizable forum thread on Mormonism. It got pretty long (42 or so pages, 10 posts per page, excluding posts by a banned user). With the help of the moderators and other users, I managed to keep things civil. That was back in 2011. ============================== I'm a programmer in my spare time. My weapon of choice is Ruby on Rails, and I'm learning C. I also enjoy making and listening to music. It's way too hard to explain what music I like listening to, so don't ask.

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