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  • Member since: 3/24/2008
  • Gender: Male
  • AIM: to be in top 10
  • MSN: noe
  • Yahoo: none
  • XBOX Live: none
  • Wii: want one
  • PSN: got one
  • SteamID: dont know


Free Rider map man email me at logan47@xero-games.com Good Maps: platform world- -18 1i 18 1i 1s 6b4 hg 6b4 de 6i,hg 6b4 v8 6b4 16o 6b4 1u6 6b4 2dq 6b4 2gk 6b4,16o 6be 16e 6be,16o 6be 148 2g 172 2q 172 34,-18 1i -18 -k,2q 2q 5a 2q,8e 4c b8 4c,68 3o 7g 3o,cq 68 i4 68,ka 5u oc 5u,j2 68 jm 5u,p0 5u pk 5k,qi 5a 106 5a,10q 50 11e 4c,122 42 13u 2q,2q 2q 2q 34 5a 34 5a 2q,68 3o 68 42 68 4m,68 42 7q 42 5u g8,7q 42 7q 3o 7g 3o,8e 4c 8e 4m au 3s2,8e 4m b8 4m d4 a0,b8 4m b8 4c,cq 68 cq 6i i4 6i do ie,i4 6i i4 68,j2 68 jc 6i jm cq,jc 6i k0 68 k0 d4,k0 68 jm 5u,ka 5u ka 68 oc 68 oc 5u,p0 5u pa 68 qi 7q,pa 68 pu 5u qi 76,pu 5u pk 5k,qi 5a qi 5k 106 5k 106 5a,10q 50 114 5a 10q 7q,114 5a 11o 4m 11e 4c,122 42 12c 4c 148 34 13u 2q,34 34 3o 6b4,42 6b4 3e 34,34 3o 18 6i,34 4c 18 76,50 34 e2 6b4,f0 6b4 em 6b4,ec 6b4 5a 34,5a 7g 3e c6,5a 8e 3e cq,76 42 5a 5a,7g 42 5k 5k,6i 42 6i 4c,7g 42 5u fk,6s b8 6i au,6s ak 6i bs,au 3t0 b8 3s2 8o 4m,92 t2 68 ku,92 rq 68 ka,8e 5a 7g 5u,8e 5u 7g 68,au 4m d4 aa,d4 6i h6 6b4,92 kk d4 f0 de em,92 l8 de fa,hg 6i do hq,fu bi fa 6i,g8 ak fu 6i,ls 68 m6 6b4,mg 6b4 m6 68,ls 7q ls 9c,gs 9m ls g8,h6 9c ls fk,e2 u0 ls n4,ls no e2 uk,k0 7q ls ak,k0 6s ls 9m,12m 42 148 5a,130 42 148 50,vi 5k 14i hg,vs 5k 14i gs,r6 5k m6 j2,rg 5k m6 jm,11e aa 11o au,pu a0 14i p0,pu 9m 14i oc,uu h6 m6 vi,m6 106 v8 hg,ne 68 pa ak,no 68 pk a0,11e 50 114 8e,11e 50 148 9m,148 92 11o 4m,pk 6i o2 6s,pk 6s oc 76,130 4c 130 6i,13k 4m 13a 76,148 2q 172 34,14i 2q 172 6b4,18k 6b4 172 34,16o 34 18a 6b4,14i 6i 16o 92,16o 8e 14i 68,17m 5a 1cc 7q 1cm 7g 180 50 17m 5a,18a 5k 172 ec,18u 5u 172 fa,1bo 7g 1a6 6b4,1ag 6b4 1c2 7g,19i 68 1bo io,1bo h6 19s 68,1ag c6 172 ie,1aq cg 172 io,1e8 a0 1kq 8o,1e8 a0 1ei aa 1l4 92 1kq 8o,1m2 9m 1m2 a0 1ug a0 1n0 hg,1ug a0 1ug 9m 1m2 9m,1ve 9m 21u 8e 228 8o 1ve a0 1ve 9m,u0 5k rg bi,rg bs ua 5k,1go a0 1c2 de,1hm 9m 1c2 do,1es aa 1es b8,1f6 aa 1f6 au,1mm a0 1l4 6b4,1le 6b4 1n0 a0,1g4 au 1mm fa,1ge ak 1mm f0,1kg 92 1mm de,1kq 92 1mm cq,1fq b8 1bo 156,1bo 15q 1ge b8,1fq f0 1mm m6,1mm li 1fq em,1n0 gs 1u6 a0,1t8 b8 1rm 6b4,1s0 6b4 1ti au,1oi fu 1su se,1t8 s4 1os fk,24e fk 2eo ie,24e fk 24e fu 2eo j2 2eo ie,21a 9c 25m fu,260 fu 21k 92,21u ak 1ti f0,228 au 1ti fk,1ve d4 1vo a0,1vo cq 202 9m,2dg io 1t8 tc,2dq io 1ti tm,24o fu 236 pk,23g pa 252 g8,23q mq 1uq em 1uq ec,23q m6 1uq ec,2ci jc 2c8 jm,2dq io 210 6b4,21a 6b4 2e4 io,2cs 10q 27i mq,2cs 106 27s mq,2j4 r6 2t4 om 2t4 p0 2j4 rg 2j4 r6,2lk qs 2d6 106,2lu qs 2d6 10g,2gk u0 2dq om,2gu tm 2dq oc,2ri pa 2c8 1da,2c8 1dk 2rs pa,2g0 18a 2kc rq,2ga 180 2km rq,2kc 12m 2ig 122,2km 12c 2ig 11o,2i6 122 2dg 106,2i6 11o 2dq vs,2sg pa 278 69i,278 698 26u 6b4,2e4 6b4 34k 6b4 5t2 6b4,5ls 6b4 6ve 6b4,454 6b4 22s 6b4,278 6b4 2t4 p0,2sg pk 2sg pa,2qk 198 2n6 vi,2qk 18k 2ng v8,2um t2 35s 11o,2um t2 2uc tc 35i 122 2ri 15q,35i 122 35s 11o,358 11o 2ri 15g,2v0 tm 2sg uk,2va u0 2sg uu,308 uk 2v0 148,2va 13u 30i uu,332 10g 308 vs,33c 10g 308 106,382 16e 3gg 14s 3gg 15g 2q0 1h2,3gg 15g 382 16o 382 16e,3j0 16e 3j0 16o 3lg 16o,3lg 16e 3lg 16o,3lg 16e 3j0 16e,3n2 18a 3n2 18k 3qq 1d0,3n2 18k 3u8 17m 3ta 1cm,3n2 18a 3tu 17c 3u8 17m,3fi 15q 2qa 1ge,38c 16o 38c 198,38m 198 38m 16e,33m 12m 34a 1be,34u 1b4 340 12m,3as 18a 2va 6b4,2vk 6b4 3b6 18a,39u 1kg 2to 1f6,39u 1js 2u2 1es,3k8 16o 3ju 1du,3ki 16o 3k8 1du,3as 1ei 3lg 1dk 47k 1be,3ai 1f6 47k 1c2 42u 6b4,47k 1c2 47k 1be,3tu 17m 3t0 1cm,3nc 18k 3r4 1d0,3nc 18u 3m4 1dk,3me 1dk 3nm 198,3jk 16o 3co 1e8,3ju 16o 3d2 1e8,3ki 18k 3mo 1b4,3ki 19i 3mo 1be,3f8 164 3ho 18k,3fi 164 3i2 18k,42k 6b4 47a 1c2,3ui 1d0 470 1n0,3v6 1d0 470 1mm,42k 1i0 39u 1pq,42u 1ia 39u 1qe,48s 1fg 4i8 1k6 4i8 1kg 47a 1q4,4i8 1kg 48s 1fq 496 1os,48s 1fq 48s 1fg,47a 1pq 4hu 1k6,49g 1oi 496 1fq,48s 1go 47a 1es,48s 1g4 47k 1ei,488 1fq 47a 1iu,48i 1ge 47a 1j8,4hk 1l4 4hk 1kq 470 1ti,470 1ts 4hk 1l4,4rk 24e 59c 24e 59c 252 4rk 252 46m 29o,4rk 252 4rk 244,4rk 24e 4hk 1kq,4ru 24e 4hu 1kq,4ru 252 46m 2a2,584 252 56s 2d6,584 252 56s 2d6,576 2d6 58e 252,58o 2dg 4c0 28q,4bm 28q 58o 2dq 58o 2dg,53o 2cs 4lm 6b4,4ma 6b4 542 2cs,584 2dq 5de 2kc 5do 2k2,58e 2dq 5do 2k2,5d4 2jo 534 2km,5d4 2k2 534 2l0,5ie 2ri 5u0 2o4 5u0 2oe 614 6b4,5u0 2oe 5io 2rs 5ie 2ri,59c 2kc 5l8 2qk,5ls 2qk 5a0 2kc,60q 6b4 5tm 2oe,5u0 358 5ka 2r8,5u0 34u 5kk 2r8,5oc 2vk 4vm 3lg,4vm 3lq 5om 2vk,61e 30s 6mc 382 6mc 38c 61e 316 61e 30s,6a6 34a 5ua 3bg,5ua 3bq 6aq 34a,61o 316 622 390,62c 390 622 316,622 35s 5ua 308,61o 34u 5ua 2va,6l4 382 6fq 6b4,6uq 6b4 7jo 6b4,7iq 6b4 86q 6b4,84a 6b4 8tu 6b4,8s2 6b4 9jg 6b4 9rk 6b4,6g4 6b4 6le 382,6k6 3o0 66e 36q,6k6 3nm 66o 36q,6os 3fi 79o 4jg 79e 4jq 6ik 4tg,79e 4jq 6oi 3fs 6os 3fi,6ik 4t6 79e 4jg 6rm 4ae,6p6 3h4 6l4 3f8,6p6 3he 6l4 3fi,74e 4m0 6u6 672,6u6 680 6ug 656,6ug 664 6ts 6b4,6ug 6b4 74o 4lm,6ji 4ss 70c 404,6j8 4ss 702 3vq,794 4jq 6rm 4ao,6rc 4ao 6js 454,6rc 4ae 6js 44q,0 -2g a -1i,0 -2g k -2g 0 -26,u -2g 18 -1s,1i -26 1i -1s 1s -1s 1i -26 26 -1s,26 -2q 2g -1s,1s -2g 2g -2g,2q -2q 34 -26,2q -2q 34 -2q,2q -2g 34 -2g,3e -2g 3e -26 3o -26 3o -2g 3e -2g,42 -2g 42 -26,42 -2g 4c -2g,4m -2g 4m -26,4m -2g 5a -2g 5a -26,50 -2g 50 -26,42 -1i 4c -18 4m -1i 4m -18 50 -1i,5a -1i 5k -1i 5k -18 5a -1i,5u -1i 5u -18,5u -1i 68 -1i,68 -1s 6i -18,6s -1i 6s -18 76 -18 6s -2g,6s -1i 76 -1i,786 4ns 7nq 534,786 4ns 786 4o6 7nq 53e 7nq 534,7mi 52g 71u 5de,71u 5e2 7ms 52q,78q 4og 73g 500,73g 50k 794 4oq,77s 4qc 7eo 56i,7fc 568 786 4q2,794 4si 72s 55a,72s 55u 79e 4t6,7d6 52g 7dg 4ru,7dg 52q 7dq 4s8,78g 4k4 78g 4o6,794 4og 794 4o6 794 4jq,-a -5u a -5a k -5u u -5a u -5u,18 -5k 1i -5k 1i -5u 18 -5k 1i -5a,26 -5u 26 -5a,2q -5k 2g -5k 2q -5a 34 -5a,3e -5k 3e -5a 3o -5a 3o -5k 3e -5k,42 -5k 42 -5a,42 -5k 4c -5a 4m -5k 4m -5a,50 -5k 5a -5k 5a -5u 50 -5k 5k -5a,2g -4c 2g -42 2g -3e,26 -42 2q -42,3e -3o 34 -3o 3e -3e 3o -3e 3e -3o,7lk 53e 7ig 6b4,7j4 6b4 7lu 53e,7oe 5f0 840 5em,7oe 5f0 7oe 5fa 840 5f0 840 5em,7rs 5fa 7l0 5hq,7sg 5fa 7l0 5i4,832 5f0 80s 6b4,816 6b4 83c 5f0,824 5pu 7t4 5fa,824 5pa 7te 5f0,7sq 5fa 7sg 6b4,7s6 6b4 7s6 5fa,858 5ie 8ou 68a 8ok 68k 8ok 6b4,8ok 68k 84u 5io 858 5ie,858 5j2 858 6b4,85i 6b4 85i 5jc,8bg 5pu 8bq 6b4,8c4 6b4 8bq 5q8,8h4 606 8he 6b4,8ho 6b4 8he 60g,8oa 68a 8oa 6b4,8o -26 8o -1s 92 -1s 92 -26 8o -26 8o -2q,9m -26 9m -1s,a0 -26 9c -1i,aa -1s aa -1i,ak -1s ak -1i,au -1s au -1i,bi -2g bi -26 bs -26,bi -2g bi -2q,c6 -2g cg -2g,c6 -2g c6 -26 cg -26 cg -2g,d4 -2g cq -2g cq -26 d4 -26 d4 -1s cq -1s,d4 -26 d4 -2g,de -26 do -2g e2 -26 e2 -1s,de -26 de -1s,de -26 e2 -26,em -1s em -2g f0 -1s f0 -2g,fa -34 fk -2g g8 -2q,fu -34 g8 -1i,gi -34 hg -34 h6 -1i,8bb 5v1 8bj 5v7,9pe 6b4 an4 6b4,als 6b4 d2e 6b4 8n2 6b4,d0s 6b4 efo 6b4 fd4 6b4 fo2 6b4 fk0 6b4,fo2 6b4 fo2 5l8,fo2 6b4 g56 6b4 h1a 6b4 hgu 6b4 i1g 6b4,hgu 6b4 h5c 6b4,i24 6b4 hhs 6b4,h4e 6b4 gnu 6b4 gcc 6b4,gbe 6b4 g22 6b4 fo2 6b4,fjc 6b4 fg8 6b4,fem 6b4 fc6 6b4,fak 6b4 f8e 6b4,f7g 6b4 f4c 6b4,f3o 6b4 f26 6b4,f0k 6b4 eu4 6b4,eru 6b4 eii 6b4,eh0 6b4 eao 6b4,e96 6b4 e62 6b4,e54 6b4 e2u 6b4,e20 6b4 dvq 6b4 dic 5q8,du8 6b4 dro 6b4,dpi 6b4 do0 6b4,dlg 6b4 dja 6b4 dg6 6b4,df8 6b4 dd2 6b4,dc4 6b4 d9u 6b4,d8c 6b4 d5s 6b4,d58 6b4 d2o 6b4,d24 6b4 cvk 6b4,cv0 6b4 crs 6b4,cqu 6b4 coo 6b4,cn6 6b4 ckm 6b4,cj4 6b4 bmc 6b4,ble 6b4 b3k 6b4 akk 6b4,ak0 6b4 ahg 6b4 a50 6b4 a2q 6b4,a1s 6b4 93i 6b4,8tk 69i 91m 680 91m 68a 8tu 69s 8tu 69i,8u8 6b4 8u8 69s,8ui 6b4 8ui 69i,90o 6b4 91m 68a,91c 68k 90e 6b4,8pi 6b4 8q6 698,8ps 6b4 8qg 69i,8ps 698 8s2 6a6 8s2 69s 8ps 68u 8ps 698,8s2 6a6 8sm 6b4,8ro 6a6 8sc 6b4,8sc 6a6 8sm 6ag 8tk 6a6 8ta 69s 8sc 6a6,8sm 6ag 8sm 6b4,8t0 6ag 8t0 6b4,8t0 6ag 8tk 6b4,8ta 6a6 8tu 6b4,92u 68a 9b2 63u 9ao 63k 92u 680 92u 68a 92u 6b4,938 680 938 6b4,9ae 648 996 6b4,9ao 648 99g 6b4,938 69s 9a4 65q,938 6a6 9a4 664,96m 67m 988 65g,97a 67c 98s 656,94g 69i 96c 6b4,96m 6b4 94g 698,9cu 65g a6s 5so a6i 5s4 9cu 656 9cu 65g,a6s 5so a5u 6b4,a68 5so a5k 6b4,9d8 65g 9h0 6b4,9di 656 9ha 6b4 fse 6b4,99q 698 9di 664,99q 69s 9ds 66e,9s8 60g 9mu 6b4,9n8 6b4 9ss 606,9pe 66o a68 5ua,9p4 67c a5u 5uu,9hu 63u 9q2 656,9q2 64s 9i8 63k,a0u 622 9tg 6b4,9u4 6b4 a1i 61o,9fo 68k 9g2 64i,9g2 68u 9gc 648,ab8 5vs ano 5ka ane 5k0 aau 5vi ab8 5vs ab8 6b4,ano 5ka ano 6b4,ane 6b4 ane 5kk,abi 5vi abi 6b4,ac6 5uu amg 6b4,amq 6b4 acg 5uu,am6 5ls ag8 63a,agi 63k amq 5l8,ad4 606 agi 6b4,ags 6b4 ado 60q,a7q 5v8 aa0 614 a9m 61e a7g 5vi a7q 5v8,aa0 614 ab8 66e,a9m 61e ab8 680,a7g 5vi a6i 614,a7q 5vs a7q 6b4,a84 6b4 a84 5vs,a7q 5vs a6i 622,apa 5li b9i 5gi b9i 5g8 ap0 5l8 apa 5li,b98 5gi b3k 6b4,b3u 6b4 b9i 5gi,aua 5k0 ano 5r6,ano 5qs atc 5ka,apk 5li aq8 5o2,apu 5li aqi 5no,ano 67m b06 5jc,ano 680 b0q 5jc,b1e 5j2 b06 6b4,b0g 6b4 b1o 5j2,b1e 5p0 b7c 5h6,b1e 5pa b7m 5h6,b7c 5p0 b48 5li b1o 5ku,b7m 5om b4i 5l8,b48 5l8 b1o 5kk,ano 5ls apu 5n4,ano 5mg apu 5ne,bdu 5mg bvo 5aa bve 5a0 bdu 5m6 bdu 5mg,bvo 5aa bv4 6b4,buq 6b4 bve 5aa,bve 5ec b8k 6b4,b8u 6b4 bve 5em,be8 5m6 bda 656,bdk 64s bei 5m6,bpg 5em boi 5n4,bos 5mq bpq 5ec,ble 5rg buq 64s,buq 648 ble 5r6,b98 5mg bcm 5p0 bcc 5pa b98 5mq b98 5mg,b9s 5ne b7m 5pa,b7m 5pu ba6 5ne bag 68k,bag 5no bdk 5ua,bdk 5u0 bb4 5oc,baq 68a bag 5no,k 3e a 34,jc 8e jm 8e,526 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6b4,dvg 5em dok 622,dou 62c e04 5e2,e7k 5se dus 5h6,e7k 5rq dv6 5gs,e88 5n4 ecu 6b4,e88 5o2 eck 6b4,ecu 5aa f2g 5no f26 5o2 eck 5au ecu 5aa,f26 5o2 ebm 65g,ebc 656 f1s 5no,ed8 5b8 e8s 5de,e8s 5do edi 5bi,eg2 5d4 ejq 606,ek4 5vs egc 5d4,epo 5j2 eh0 5fk,eh0 5g8 er0 5jm,f0u 5om f0a 6b4,f0u 6b4 f18 5oc,eoq 5tm f0k 5vs,f0k 5vi epe 5tc,f68 5rg fom 5ku fom 5kk f6i 5qs f68 5rg f68 6b4,fom 5ku fom 6b4,f6i 5qs f5u 5pu,f76 5r6 f76 6b4,f76 5r6 fo2 6b4,fo2 6ag f7g 5r6,fk0 5mg fgi 63k,fgs 63u fka 5mg,fb8 5uu fb8 6b4,fbi 5v8 fbi 6b4,fak 5pu fgi 63k,fgi 630 fau 5pu,f26 5pa f68 5pk f68 5pu f26 5pk f26 5pa,f5k 5pu f68 5rg,f3o 5pk f18 5rq,f2g 5pk f18 5qi,f4c 5pu f68 60g,f68 5vi f4m 5pu,fq8 5m6 g14 5om,fq8 5m6 fq8 5mg fom 5rq,g14 5p0 g14 5om,g5q 5p0 gfq 5ka gfq 5k0 g5g 5om g5q 5p0 g5q 6b4,gfq 5ka gfq 6b4,g5g 5om g5g 6b4,g4s 5pk g4s 5pu g1e 5pu g1e 5pk g4s 5pk,g4s 5pu g5g 5rq,g14 5p0 fq8 5mg,fom 5s4 fqi 5mg,fvs 5om fvi 6b4,fvs 6b4 g06 5om,fvs 62c fpu 5oc,fvs 61o fpu 5o2,ftc 5ua fom 61o,fom 622 ftm 5uk,ftc 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