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Dear People, who I thank bothered themselves to read the boring description placed here:

What intrested me to make this new account on Armor Games is simply the game: Sonny 2.

I happened to see it and being bored as I was, decided to try playing it. I was completely shocked at how great it was so I knew I had to show what i felt to Krin, who made it. So I made an account here to comment.

I now am now going to try being a member of your (medival) community, by posting stuff (once Im capable) and commenting/rating other game as I see fit.

I like games with depth and an intresting plot or story line. Also, If you want too, try playing some of the games Ive favorated. Because they are great.

Until I post a description more worthy of you, um... Armorpeople, Good day to you.

~Lord Johna

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