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I like playing games online of strategy and FPS. I love strategy and thinking games...

I am a teenager (reaching my twenties) boy, I play sniper/archer/marksman on several games. My main focus are FPS games and such but I play almost everything I can get my hands on. I play everything from mobile games to RPG, I even played some MMOMOBA once...
I have this account for some years but I rarely use it. Nowadays I don't play flash games very often. I have been planning to buy a high spec gaming PC for a while and I have a -(quite old but still great)- PS3 that I use most of the time.

If you wish to find me and play with me, just look for "Luiz_Alex007" and send me a message. I tend to play every kind of game on several platforms so I might be hard to find on specific games. Yet, I try to be friendly to everyone and I try to seek both victory and friendship online trough several games.

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