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Information Center

Armorgames ranks :
     Wood Serf:                             10 AP
     Iron Serf:                                 25 AP
     Gold Serf:                             100 AP   
     Wood Squire:                      225 AP   
     Iron Squire:                          400 AP
     Gold Squire:                        625 AP
     Wood Knight:                    1200 AP
     Iron Knight:                        1750 AP
     Gold Knight:                      2250 AP
     Wood Lord/Lady:             3000 AP
     Iron Lord/Lady:                 3500 AP
     Gold Lord/Lady:               4000 AP
     Wood Duke/Duchess:     4500 AP
     Iron Duke/Duchess:         5200 AP
     Gold Duke/Duchess:       6000 AP
     Wood Prince/Princess:   7250 AP
     Iron Prince/Princess:       8500 AP
     Gold Prince/Princess:   10000 AP
     Wood King/Queen:        12000 AP
     Iron King/Queen:            14500 AP
     Gold King/Queen:          17500 AP

Badges Center:

If you want to sign up then tell me on the comment center below. What ever badge you win you will see you name on my wall and the badge you won. If you can win all the badges you will start going to diffrent levels. Go to the max level means you win all the awards. There are 5 badges in each game. That is all

Badges, Colony
Badge Name: Just warming up
Badge Difficulty: Easy

Get 1 win

Badge Name: The soilder we need
Badge Difficulty:Normal

Get a streak of, 3 wins in
a row

Badge Name: Be the bullet

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