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Hello, this is Monkeys in Outerspace, a clan to message, share maps, thoughts, and games and just a warning, if you make lame maps (-18 1i 18 1i##T 15 r) spam, or disrespect other members, you will be hated and mabey banned.
Starting map:

-18 1i 18 1i,17 1i 3f 1i,3f 1j 3u 1t 44 2c,44 2f 4j 4l,4h 4j 4q 53 59 5e 5v 5h 6m 5g 7d 5e 81 59 8i 4v 91 4i 9g 41 9s 3e a4 2o aa 21 ae 13 af 4 ae -q aa -1m a1 -2k 9l -3i 96 -4g 8k -5g 7u -6c 75 -74 6b -7n 5g -86 4d -8j 3a -8t 26 -95 10 -9c -5 -9h -1c -9g -2f -9a -3c -8u -49 -88 -4t -7h -5g -6o -5u -5r -69 -4s -6h -3n -6o -2h -6t -1e -71 -d -74 o -77 1n -76 2n -74 3q -6t 4r -6i 5o -5t 6k -50 7e -40 80,-40 80 -2r 8g -1l 8s -b 95 t 9a 22 9e 36 9e,et -3c f1 -53 eq -6q e5 -88 db -9e ci -af bd -bg ab -c6 93 -ct 7q -dc 6g -dm 59 -du 47 -e3 33 -e7 20 -e7 t -e3 -3 -du -13 -dp -21 -di -35 -d7 -42 -ct -52 -ci -5u -c8,e9 21 eg 10 ek 1 en -v eq -1s et -2o ev -3h f1 -48,-c1 -7m -cf -77 -d0 -6o -dl -6c -em -65 -fv -68 -ha -63 -iq -5t -k3 -5l -lf -5b -mo -51 -o4 -4l -p7 -4c -qf -41 -rp -3p -t8 -3j -us -3d -108 -39 -11n -35 -137 -32 -14q -30 -16d -2v -181 -2t -19l -2s -1b9 -2q -1cu -2p -1ej -2o -1g9 -2n -1i0 -2l -1jn -2k -1ld -2k -1n4 -2j -1or -2i -1qi -2g -1sa -2e -1u1 -2c -1vp -29 -21h -27 -239 -25 -251 -23 -26p -21 -28h -1v -2a9 -1t -2c1 -1r -2dp -1p -2fh -1n -2h9 -1l -2j2 -1j -2kq -1h -2mi -1f -2oa -1d,-2oa -1d -2q3 -1b -2rr -19 -2tj -17 -2vb -15 -314 -13 -32s -11 -34k -v -36d -t -385 -r -39t -p -3bm -n -3de -m -3f7 -k -3h1 -k -3iq -p -3kk -v -3mf -18 -3ob -1m -3q6 -29 -3s0 -32 -3to -3v -3vg -4u -414 -60 -42p -75 -44c -8a -45s -9h -47a -aq -48j -c5 -49q -dh -4al -ev -4bh -ge -4cc -hs -4d5 -jc -4do -kp -4e4 -m0 -4e8 -nb -4e7 -of,-4e8 -oc -4e5 -p7 -4e2 -q2 -4du -r1 -4dm -s3 -4dd -t2 -4d4 -tv -4cp -ut -4cc -vp -4br -10o -4b8 -11p -4ai -12m -49r -13h -493 -147 -481 -14q -472 -159 -464 -15n -455 -163 -446 -16e -433 -16m -41s -16q -40l -16o -3vh -16e -3uh -161 -3tk -15a,-43q -ma -457 -mv -46f -nm -47i -ol -48e -pq -491 -r1 -49g -s6 -49k -te -49b -un -48s -vs -47u -10u -46t -11o -45q -12f,-3vs -10e -3vk -vb -3vk -u7 -401 -t4 -40m -s9 -41d -rl -42a -rb -437 -ri -43r -s4 -44c -sm -44r -ta -457 -tu,2n 9g 3d 9e 48 9c 51 9a 5r 98 6m 95 7e 91 88 8p 90 8a 9m 7r aa 7d av 6u bm 6c cb 5q cq 57 d5 4l dc 45 dn 3g e2 2v,-3tr -15f -3th -14v -3su -14a -3sf -13j -3s3 -12t -3rq -125 -3rm -11e -3rg -10e -3r6 -vd -3qu -ue -3qn -td -3qj -sg -3qi -rk -3qp -qr -3r6 -q1 -3rm -pa -3s6 -ol -3sn -o1 -3tf -nd -3u6 -mr -3v0 -mc -3vp -m3 -40l -lu -41k -lt -42g -m0 -439 -m9 -43t -mj -44i -mr,-462 -12a -45e -12j -44p -12o -444 -12r -43e -12s -42m -12q -41u -12k -41b -127 -40s -11o -40g -117 -407 -10n -401 -107,e0 32 e5 2i,e8 20 e5 2f#-45l -118 -45c -10l -457 -108 -44s -102 -448 -100 -43g -108 -439 -10q -43f -11k,-43f -11m -448 -12e -457 -124 -45m -119,-44c -104 -446 -uj -44m -tn,-446 -uh -43n -tq,-447 -ug -438 -ur,-437 -ut -439 -v5,-43c -v6 -434 -va -435 -vg,-435 -vf -42s -vt -439 -101,-44a -vg -43c -vo,-449 -vi -457 -vm,-454 -10s -44p -10e -447 -10e -43u -10o -440 -113,-44q -116 -453 -10s,-44s -10r -44a -10r,-44m -114 -44m -11b -44b -11c -449 -118,-44t -11i -458 -11k -457 -120 -44s -11v -44s -11i,-454 -11r -451 -11o,-44b -11a -44b -116,-44r -115 -443 -116,-44c -120 -44e -11m -440 -11h -43v -11p -44d -123,-447 -11o -44a -11q,-3gr -4a -3fb -dj -3du -a5 -3c5 -e7 -3at -5s,-3a1 -dj -39q -74 -34n -7b -35o -er -3a1 -dj,-32p -84 -330 -fd -30g -8t -30g -fn,-2uu -fs -2uk -7l,-2un -b8 -2qk -ga,-2tl -cp -2qu -6u,-2jc -7d -2p7 -7f -2or -gr -2jm -fc,-2p0 -bp -2kc -bp,-2fh -eo -2i1 -7p,-2hb -bf -2iq -fm,-2fk -8d -2c1 -9e -2em -bk -2c6 -d8,-29h -94 -23t -99,-26u -9b -273 -eq,-292 -eb -22l -e1,-226 -fc -22g -8s,-228 -fc -20u -8n,-20u -8l -1vv -fn,-1sj -fn -1tf -89 -1oc -8r -1nc -fi -1sr -ff,-1me -fd -1ml -97 -1j2 -92 -1ja -f8,-1hj -a3 -1g1 -fa,-1ep -f0 -1i4 -fa,-1bv -b1 -1ff -c4 -1e5 -fd,-1e5 -ff -1c1 -d4,-1f0 -de -1ct -cl,-1bn -as -1bi -fk -1a5 -em -1bs -dj -19m -aa,-17g -b3 -14f -ce -174 -e0 -134 -gq,-13c -bv -12b -ec,-129 -ef -va -dt -12j -de,-vk -bs -tv -gi -sn -c6,-te -do -vr -e0,-pe -h1 -rp -gd -rd -cv -p7 -cv,-jb -dr -ns -d7 -ns -he -ke -he,-l7 -fk -o6 -ff,-34c 2l -34c 7k -37e 80 -37u 63,-32f 4i -32j 7s -2t4 80 -2sb 3l -32j 56,-2lb 78 -2r7 7c,-2nh 73 -2nc 2h,-2mg 1s -2pq 3d,-2kj 73 -2jq 14 -2e7 78,-2eb 78 -2dj 35,-26b 6f -24u 3 -22h 63 -203 -4,-1vv 4u -1po 73 -1nm o -1v3 1k -1vb 5a,-1mq 8 -1js 7g -1is 3h -1gr au -1f2 -8#G 7s 2s 14e,G 8v 1r 148,G 9c c 14a,G 9m -v 14e,G 8j -2c 13p,G 8j -3a 12j,G 81 -4s 12g,G 7l -61 17c,G 7l -5v 1d0,G 78 -6b 12e,G 5r -6l 1d0,G 57 -7c 1cj,G 44 -74 11t,G 47 -7t 1d0,G 3g -85 1c2,G 2i -8c 1cb,G 1a -8h 1bu,G -3 -80 1c0,G 5 -8r 1b6,G -n -90 1bu,G -1i -8m 1d0,G -29 -8f 1bb,G -2v -82 1a6,G -3o -7c 19u,G -42 -6q 1a2,B 6i 8i 141,T -44n -u4

If someone is disrespecting you tell me and they will be banned unless they have a good reason then I will resort to you!
Message Partyboy95 to join and send a map code with your request and He will think on it!
The Owner of this clan is Partyboy95 so if you have a problem take it up with him!

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