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Live in Australia in Melbourne

Rank: General 3rd Star
Rankings handed out:
100 AP =Despmitian Engineer
200 AP =Despmitian Elite Engineer.
300 AP =Private
400 AP =Private 1st class
420 AP =Private 2nd class
430 AP =Private 3rd class
500 AP =Despmitian Corporal
600 AP =Sergeant
620 AP =Master Sergeant
700 AP =Luitenant
800 AP =Despmitian CaptaIn
820 AP =Despmitian Ace Fighter
840 AP =Despmitian Tank Commander
850 AP =General
900 AP =General 1st Star
1000 AP =General 2nd Star
1500 AP =General 3rd Star
2000 AP =Despmitian Cruiser Admiral
2500 AP =Despmitian Elite Cruiser Ad.
3000 AP =Despmitian Commander
4000 AP =Emperor's Advisor
5000 AP =Recruitment Officer
6000 AP =Battle Control Officer
6500 AP =Battle Control General
7000 AP =Battle Control Commander
8000 AP =Battle Control Leader
9000 AP =Despmitian KeiserFlak
9500 AP =Despmitian Elite KeiserFlak
10000 AP =Vice Emperor (Only 1 allowed)

Be Nice to other Non Members and Members Of the Despmitian Empire.
===[/Despmitian Empire\]===

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