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well what can i say i love sport my favorite is tennis. My nickname From Tennis is Ozzy because they think i have an australian accent (which is not true).I love competition and love outdoors. But i also love indoors playing on the pc. My name means Master of speed.and my favorite game is Exit path.

Read this out loud:

This is this cat
This is is cat
This is how cat
This is to cat
This is keep cat
This is an cat
This is idiot cat
This is busy cat
This is for cat
This is forty cat
This is seconds cat

Now go back and read the THIRD word in each line from the start.
________,88P_____________ Dragons
_______d888*_____________Unite !
____,888888888888888888b. Put this
___,8*_;88888P*****7888888 on your
__,8;,_8888*________`88888 page
__)8e888*__________,88888 if you
_,d888`___________,888888 support
,d88P`___________,8888888 the
888*____________,88888888 Dragons.
______________d8888888888 Dragon
______________88888888888 Fans
__________________)888888 For the
_________________,88888*_ Dragons!

--------------††††††††------------/To Show
--------------††††††††-----------/That You
--------------††††††††---------/in Jesus

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