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Messenger ~~~~~~~~~~~ Rampaging Pandas! PLEASE put this on your profile if you know someone (or are related to someone) who has been eaten by pandas. Pandas are nearly unstoppable and, in case you didn't know, they can also breathe fire. 93% of people won't copy and paste this, because they have already been eaten by pandas. 6% of people are sitting in their showers armed with fire extinguishers, and the remaining 1% are awesome and will put this on your profile. My RPGs, Forum Games, etc. Blob Adventures: RPG ( Dead) The AG Clan Games Uses Of OctoCan The Elites:RPG Heal or Hurt 2 OctoClan: Me and Commander Paladin created the...OctoCan Clan! But soon after the creation I left for a number of reasons: I had some "family business" as my parents seperated I Forgot about AG And I wouldn't of had the time for Armor Games anyway. So I'm sorry for being gone for so long especially sorry to Commander Paladin and I have to say, he's done an amazing job. P.S. I am now going to spend most of my time on AG helping the clan OctoCan Stuff 1. Any mention (non-spam) of OctoCan will give you 10 points 2.Any tributes (drawings, forum threads and games, etc.) to OctoCan will give you 50 points. 3. Big stuff like games give a amazing 250 points Clan Headquarters and Threads: Uses of OctoCan Game: … -the-world OctoCan Arts: … rks-thread Members: > MagicTree CanCan, 340p >>Achievements: OctoKing Gamer >CommanderPaladin: Quantum Octo, 1140p >>Achievements: OctoPrince Gamer Hard-Core Gamer Milestone >TheNameWithNoNumbers: Baby Octo, 40p >>Achievements: Gamer >Garriss: Starter Octo, 50p >>Achievements: Gamer >CrazyApe: Quality Octo, 120p >>Achievements: Gamer >Alexistigers: Starter Octo, 70p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer +50p Award for special work for Clan >xAyjAy: HexoCan, 600p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer Hard-Core Gamer Inspiration x2 +50p Award for special work for Clan >Riptizoid101: Quality Octo, 120p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >StephenKing: Baby Octo, 50p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Aamer13: Squid, 190p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >UDude21: Squid, 200p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Invalid777: Average Octo, 110p >>Achievements: Join The Clan >Acmed: Starter Octo, 70p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Zyba: EctoCan, 290p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer Hard-Core Gamer >JayArmstrongGames: EctoCan, 260p Creator of the game officially endorsed by Clan OctoCan. >>Achievements: Join The Clan >Schmiddy1234: Baby Octo, 30p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Bladerunner679: Squid, 220p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >DarkFire45: EctoCan!, 270p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer Inspiration x1 >LegoMyLego27: Baby Octo, 40p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Warriorcats123: Starter Octo, 70p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Beckitten27: Starter Octo, 50p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Light_Chaser: Starter Octo, 50p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer theEPICgameKING: Quality Octo: 130p Account >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer xXxDapro89xXx: Baby Octo, 30p Account >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer Current Rank/Point Chart: 0-20p: Tin Can 20-50p: Baby Octo 50-90p: Starter Octo 90-120p: Average Octo 120-170p: Quality Octo 170-250p: Squid 250-300p: EctoCan! 300-350p: CanCan 350-400p: Premium Octo. 400-450p: Mystery Octo. 450-500p: Magic Octo 500-550p: Knight Octo 550-600p: President Octo 600-650p: HexoCan 650-700p: Scientist Octo 700-750p: Shiny Octo 750-800p: Greasy Octo 800-850p: Evolved Octo 850-900p: ??? Octo 900-950p: Murderer Octo 950-1000p: Awesome Octo 1000-1100p: !!! Octo 1100-1200p: Quantum Octo 1200-1400p: Machine Octo 1400-2000p: Holy Octo 2000-2300p: Universal Octo Current Achievement Chart: Newbie/Join the Clan: Join the Clan: 10p Notation: This will only appear with newer Members, since it was created later on in the existence of the Clan. OctoKing/Queen:Start the Clan: 100p OctoPrince/PrincessCo-Found the Clan: 90p Speed Collector: Reach 1000 points within 2 weeks of joining: 250p Milestone: Reach 1000 points: 100p Gamer: Participate in The Many Uses of Octocan once: 20p Hard Core Gamer: Participate in The Many Uses of Octocan once every page for 10 pages in a row: 120p Inspiration: Inspire an OctoCan artwork: 20p Recruiter: Recruit a new member to the clan: 40 Note: New Member must confirm that he/she was recruited by you _____________ OctoCan Related Forum Threads Uses Of OctoCan

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