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Hi. I'm Matt. You could say I'm a Case of Identity...


1. The important stuff

2. Personal Information

3. Digital Art/Comics/Writing

4. A.G.M.O.T.

5. What I'm doing on Armor Games

6. Et Cetera



I am a Christian. I believe the KJV Bible and that God is real, Jesus died for me, Jesus rose again and offered salvation to the world.  I accepted salvation by admitting I was a sinner, and I still am, believing that Jesus died for me and rose again, and calling on Him to save me.

Jesus saves.
-Matt Angel



Hi guys. I'm Matthias Emmanuel Angel, I'm 22 (I dunno about you...), and this is where I spend time when I'm not doing other things (church, university, homework, studying, rec activities).
What I like:
-Landscape Management (my major)
-Guitar (over a decade of experience and not much to show for it)
-Celtic music (nothing like it)
-PC Games (gave up on Xbox, no regrets)
-RPGs (I play them too often though)
-Tostitos and spicy cheese dip (all day long)
-Water instead of soda (cancel those calories from the cheese dip)
-Camoflage pants (now you see me...)
-Google SketchUp (awesome 3D models, free download)
-The number 23 (it's the best number)
-My Armatar (On January 31, 2013, I hit 3,000 posts and got a sweet Armatar of myself. NO TOUCHING)
...and being single.
What I don't like:
-Profanity (especially when it's just filler in comedy)
-Lewd content and porn (and anyone bragging about it)
-Gory movies (how are they going to get butchered this time?)
-Jerks* (you aren't a jerk, are you?)
-Insects (kill them all)
-Dying a million times in a game (dude, change classes)
...and being single.
*How to be a Jerk:
1. Insult/harass a member (this is a given)
   a. Cause and blame are irrelevant. Handle it appropriately (see 3).
2. Use "Malicious sub-tweeting," a Twitter term that basically means 'attacking another person through text without stating that person's name' (we know who you're talking about and it's not okay)
3. Take a problem up with a mod before taking it up with a user (in a mature fashion [see 1])
   a. Rule is nullified if the user is a bot/spam account
4. Misquote another user intentionally (I WILL find you)
   a. Rule is nullified if misquote was unintentional
5. Consistently and intentionally use poor grammar (MS Word spellcheck, okay?)
   a. Type in "l33t t3Xt" (letters and numbers are different)
   b. Rule is nullified in "in-character" AMW posts (although poor grammar and spelling still need to be addressed)
6. Tell someone they are wrong without some kind of proof. You're entitled to a different belief, but you're not entitled to baseless insults (and they are often baseless)
   a. Rely on poor logic and/or aggressive opinions to make a point (still not helping)
   b. Use excessive caps lock (stop yelling)
7. Make yourself out to be far more important than you actually are (you are not that important)
   a. Look down on other people for not respecting you (respect must be earned, not demanded)
8. Cuss to fill space or pass a joke (I dislike profanity in general, but there's a difference)
9. Advertise your crap on AG forums or my Profile (or advertising/spamming in general)
10. Call me "MattEm." Not allowed.
   a. But seriously. Do NOT call me MattEm.
   b. Failure to read this list is not grounds for calling me MattEm.



I will draw your stuff! Sometimes! I am an avid artist, and I draw in black-and-white shaded digital art (see my Armatar). If you have a request or a good Armatar idea, I will draw it. Maybe. You might as well post it here. If you don't hear back from me, I'm being lazy so post again until I give a yes or no answer. The existing roster is below.

-Future Matt: Complete

-Trigger Knight: Complete

-Amie Jane portrait (color): Complete

-Red from Transistor: Incomplete

:( Sorry

-Ninja Armatar (Blackbeltr0): Complete



REQUESTS: Closed due to College and things.
Roster: 1/2
-Marsk (kylefitch1): Incomplete (haven't started, sorry...)


Armor Games Military Operations Team

MISSION STATEMENT: The clan is the Military Operation  team of AG. We may find spam, but our main job is to fight to protect and help people of AG. We stand up for the laws set by the AG government and we Help obtain Justice, Keep peace, and grow and prosper AG! That my friends is the mission of A.G.M.O.T.

Current Rank: G-1 Brigadier General

All information can be found on the profile of the current Supreme Commanding Liutenant General: Blackbeltr0



-Participating in random one-post Forum Games
-Debating in WEPR
-Counting to 100 in Count to 100
-Being hardcore

-Using SCIENCE, because I look awesome in a lab jacket!...and also because I enjoy researching the topics:
=What would happen if you were struck by a bus?
=Water from a fire hose VS wall
=What would happen if you were stabbed in the stomach?

-Whatever this is supposed to be:
=The Story of Comedy

The Bag O Stuff graphic/art contest (3/24/14)! Thanks, AG, for choosing my entry:

The Gemini Strike "I think I'm a clone now" contest (9/17/14)! Thanks, AG, for choosing my entry:

One day I WILL be a Moderator of Armor Games. I will not rest until I have been the member Armor Games needs me to be! There will be a day when Matt gives up on his quest to be a Moderator...BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY!
Feel free to ask me anything, and follow me on Twitter (Jesse_Matt23)...unless you're a jerk.


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