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  • AIM: I aim to finish my studies and be a successful man
  • Yahoo: Wiha aaaaaah :D and no :D
  • XBOX Live: I will get one(love Xbox it's my favorite) :D
  • Wii: I am not interested :D
  • PSN: Also not interested :D
  • SteamID: I don't now what the heck is that :D


Hello,friends and strangers ho want to be friends in the future,theres nothing to talk "about" around here ,I guess I should say, I love math and science These are some pictures for fun: (._.) (•_•) (^-^) (*~*) I try to do like the others Yeah pictures I like my friends on armorgames and in class,I like my family of caurse And or or or (H) or (A) And finally i love armorgames because there's good games,and there's always action and organisation So AG is seriously my favorite Awesome website ! Tank : ('-_-') .../"""""""""""""""""""""\============== /"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""\ \~@~@~@~@~@~@~@~/

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