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<marquee behavior="alternate">------*NEWS*------</marquee> i won't be on very much. If you are on EP, visit my custom's forum page for my email -------------------------------------------------------- Exit Path records: uni: 4:34 stats: level 41, all flair obtained -------------------------------------------------------- Some of my forum threads: The TV Show Battle Dogs or Cats? The Fiscal Cliff Christmas is here! The Anonymous Hack My most popular: Religion Poll My Rant (read it!) -------------------------------------------------------- currently creating a website using all the html5 i know -------------------------------------------------------- feel free to comment on my profile about your thughts or create your own rants. ive been thinking about it... Ive been on and off recently. I dont like the current AG. the community used to be smalled and tighter and now not so much. All these dumb people raving about, "oooo quests how many quests u hav i hav like 47 ccool i have like 105 cool i have NO BODY REALLY ACTUALLY CARES! why care about quests? think about it. who cares if you have 40 quests completed or 100,000,000? this is a gaming site! who gives a poop???!!!?? we should be trying to get the best record in a game, not complete shit like in coinbox hero: who the hell cares to kill the coinbox or DESTROY IT WITHOUT BUYING A Freaking GUN? really? dafuq?just think about that for a second. is it worth it to put about 3 hours into trying to destroy the coinbox without a gun? just think. why give a fuck? also, sites where you can actually do stuff like in ycks exit path. sites where there arent retarded noobs flying around trying so hard to get their asses into level 5: swift. people can actually challenge themselves and can warp through blocks, and do a quad in exit path (jumping over 8 block walls) and where people can jump over 80 block wall with unlimited flow. you can talk during games, and stuff like that. I likethat so much better than this site, where noobs who just joined start playing ep2 and try their asses off to claim they were "pioneers who got ep2 started". screw u, noobs.

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