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STATUS: Still missing. . . Q: Dude, how the eff did you get that armatar with just 1225 pts. ?! A: Simple: Site Error. It used to be available for people who has the same pts like I do way back, and I chose it to be as my armatar. But when I found out that it was moved to a certain position, I was shocked. When I also found out that it was still my armatar, I decided that I take advantage. *trollface* Problem? x) . . Q: Are you a hacker?! A: Yes. But no. Unfortunately, I'm not. < . . Q: Dude, you should change your armatar..don't you think it's too uncool for the others? A: Yes, it's unfair. *starts wearing trollmask to tease you* But I LOVE ArmorGames, and if there are such orders from them, then no problem! I love how this site grows as time pass by. (I'm already in college and I still drop by! ) . . Q: Lastly, who the heck is Teddy Hanssen? A: He is a fictional character from the Cloverfield universe (see imdb.com for the sypnosis of the film). He isn't seen in the movie (although people thought he was some guy in the Manhattan bridge scene, search "unforum teddy hanssen in cloverfield" for more info), but is somehow involved behind the events that is happening. To know more about the the guy who always goes missing in the ARG, see here: http://cloverfield.wikia.com/wiki/Teddy_Hanssen Last edited: 1/28/2013

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