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an awesome track bulldog made

-18 1i 18 1i do 1i so 1i so -bi r6 1i,do 1i do 1s,e2 1i so 18,so u ec 1i,em 1i so k,so a f0 1i,fa 1i so 0,so -a fk 1i,fu 1i so -k,so -u gi 1i,gs 1i so -18,so -1i h6 1i,hg 1i so -1i,so -1s hg 1i,hq 1i so -26,so -2g i4 1i,ie 1i so -2q,so -34 io 1i,j2 1i so -3e,so -3o jc 1i,jm 1i so -42,so -4c k0 1i,ka 1i so -4m,so -50 kk 1i,ku 1i so -5a,so -5k l8 1i,li 1i so -5u,so -68 ls 1i,m6 1i so -6i,mg 1i so -6s,so -76 mq 1i,n4 1i so -7g,so -7q ne 1i,no 1i so -84,so -8e o2 1i,oc 1i so -8o,so -92 om 1i,p0 1i so -9c,so -9m pa 1i,pk 1i so -a0,so -aa pu 1i,q8 1i so -ak,so -au qi 1i,qs 1i so -b8,rg 1i so -bs,so -c6 rq 1i,s4 1i so -cg,tc -cg tc 1i,tc -cg tc -mq v8 -mq,pa -12c g8 -12c 4m -12c 2g -12m,tm -13u tc -156 tc -164 tm -164 tm -156,tc -156 vs -156 17m -156,tm -13u tc -mq,de -164 de -15q,de -164 kk -1bo l8 -1cc li -1bo jm -1b4,4m -12c 2g -12c,4m -12c 4m -122,4c -12c 2g -130,2g -13a 42 -12c,3o -12c 2g -13k,3e -12c 2g -13u 2g -12c,de -164 84 -15q,kk -1bo li -1bo ka -1be,l8 -1bo jm -1b4,ku -1bo jc -1aq,l8 -1c2 j2 -1ag,-2q -15g -a -148,-2q -15g -68 -148 -u -148 18 -148 2g -13u,-u -148 -jm -148 -qi -148 -qi -156,34 -12c 2g -13u,f0 -17c cq -164,em -172 bs -15q,ec -16o b8 -15q,do -16e ak -15q,l8 -1bo l8 -1cc,ku -1c2 li -1bo,l8 -1c2 ku -1bo,l8 -1c2 ku -1bo,l8 -1c2 ku -1bo,ku -1c2 l8 -1bo,ku -1c2 l8 -1c2,-18 1i -18 a -1i a -1i 1i -18 1i##T 17c -15q

In my opinion one of the best auto's i ever did was a collab with Dragonball05(miss you)here it is. for MTB

-18 1r -15 2c -g 2c -d 1s,2b 3o 38 5p,4j dq 38 dq,9h sp 9r tl ag uh bb v9 cb vt dg 10e en 10p fv 10v h7 112 i9 110 jc 10r,16s 12a 17k 13r,1hd 1vl 1iq 1vl,1hf 2ua 1i4 2ul 1is 2us 1jn 2v1 1ko 2v4,1n0 3ae 1nk 3ae 1np 39q,1mr 39o 1n0 3ae,1rq 394 1sq 38i,1q4 3nm 1qj 3od 1r7 3ov 1s8 3p8 1t9 3p4 1u9 3on 1v3 3o6,23g 3nm 243 3o8 24d 3p1 248 3q2 23j 3qt 22h 3rk 21j 3s2,210 3ta 219 3u0 21v 3u7,20c 412 20v 41h 21n 41d,286 470 28q 47a 29o 46c,260 4b2 25h 4bu 24n 4cf 23n 4ci 22s 4c5 223 4bh,21u 4bm 21c 4b9 20o 4aq 1vu 4ad 1uu 4a6 1tu 4a1 1t0 4a2,22i 4ao 21u 4a8 212 49r,210 49q 20d 49f 1vk 498 1um 495 1to 493,1nu 49g 1na 4a2 1mj 4aq 1lu 4bm 1lg 4cj 1lc 4dj 1lo 4em 1mj 4fl 1nj 4g7 1on 4ge 1pq 4gb,1ue 4hg 1v5 4gn,1rp 4m7 1rl 4ms 1qt 4mu 1q8 4ml,1nv 4mt 1oe 4nh,1ni 4mp 1nl 4n0,1q7 4th 1qo 4u3 1rm 4u8 1sf 4tq,223 4ti 22p 4u0 23d 4uh 23u 4v8 24c 506 24k 517 24k 529,25f 556 27a 58p,27a 58n 280 598 293 593 29t 58c,2d7 5af 2d7 5ao 2e4 5ap 2ea 5ae,2ar 5nr 2b6 5oe 2bt 5oc,2gi 5p6 2hb 5mh,2ek 5rn 2en 5sd 2f8 5sp 2fr 5sn,2jk 5sd 2ju 5sn 2jd 5t8,2i2 60i 2id 614 2j0 612 2je 60o,2lk 645 2lr 64k 2mf 64k 2mn 640,2k4 67r 2k4 68h 2j1 68f,2j1 68d 2j1 67r,2nc 6c4 2nt 6cv 2of 6dq 2pa 6e9 2qa 6ee 2r6 6e8 2rr 6e0,2vv 6f3 30v 6db,1nf 3gc 1nf 3gr,2tc 6l3 2tg 6lr 2ud 6lr 2ui 6l5,2p0 71o 2og 78c,2q0 6v8 2pd 78d,2of 78b 2o9 7ai,2o8 7ai 2oh 7aj,2p0 71o 2p7 6ua,2q0 6v8 2q1 6ub,2jh 820 2ro 82n,30h 8l6 30i 8m6 31k 8m6 31k 8l6,392 8ta 39o 8ta 3a1 8sq,30i 98s 30g 99h 30i 9ab 30p 9b4 318 9bo 321 9c9 32t 9cg 33r 9ca 34n 9bu,3ut a1u 3tv a0t 3t2 9vr 3s1 9ui 3r3 9tb,3rh 9tr 3r1 9t4 3qj 9s5 3q5 9r6,3uq a1s 3vc a2h 3vv a36 40f a3p 411 a4c 41h a4s,4c7 aj0 4cn aim,4cv bin 41m bjb,3tr bud 3u2 but 3ur but,3ns d21 3vm d21,38s dor 2qo dor 2qo doa,2jt ek8 2jt el1 2it el1,2bv f6d 2c5 f6v 2co f6v 2cv f6g,2mu gd8 2mf gd8,2uh hru 2uh hso 2vc hso 2vc hru#1jq 3h8 1k9 3g2 1kf 3h6 1l0 3g3 1l3 3h5,1mf 3g8 1m1 3g8 1ls 3gk 1ls 3h0 1m6 3h1 1mn 3h1,1mn 3h0 1mn 3gm 1ma 3g7,1ng 3gf 1no 3gf 1no 3gs,1om 3gf 1ob 3gf 1o2 3gp 1o4 3h5 1oj 3h5 1p0 3h0 1oj 3gc,1q7 3gf 1pp 3gf 1ph 3gn 1pk 3ha 1q5 3hb,1qm 3gi 1r1 3gp,1rd 3gn 1qs 3hf,1r1 3gn 1r8 3gs,1rd 3gp 1rp 3gd,1sd 3gf 1rv 3gf 1rp 3gr 1rs 3h5 1sb 3h5,1so 3ga 1so 3h8,1tb 3gp 1to 3gp 1to 3gd 1tb 3gd 1tb 3h3 1to 3h3,1uo 3gc 1ua 3gc 1ua 3gu 1ut 3h3 1ut 3hd 1uc 3hd,-3t 88 -3t 9j -4c 9g -4c 94 -3t 94,-3f 8u -3f 9i,-3e 93 -35 91,-2j 90 -30 90 -30 9f -2j 9f -2j 91,-2j 90 -2j 9n,-23 91 -2b 91 -2b 9f -21 9f,-1v 91 -23 91,-21 9d -21 9v -2d 9v,-22 9e -22 8u,-1f 92 -1m 92 -1q 99 -1n 9i -1g 9i -1b 9d -1h 92,-14 92 -14 9h,-13 96 -v 96 -v 9g,-l 8v -l 9i -c 9i -c 9a -k 99,-2 97 -9 97 -9 9e -1 9e -1 97,0 96 0 9h,5 92 5 9e,a 90 a 9f,o 92 h 92 h 97 h 9b n 9b n 8v,19 90 11 90 10 97 16 96 1b 96,1b 99 1b 9d t 9d,332 6lo 330 6na,332 6mr 32h 6mp 32d 6na 32r 6n7,33c 6mr 33c 6nc,33e 6n0 33n 6n0,343 6n0 348 6mu 34c 6n8,349 6n4 342 6n8 34b 6n8,34p 6mu 34j 6n2 34j 6n8,34k 6n8 34r 6n7,34p 6mt 34t 6nl 34l 6nn,354 6mv 350 6n3 354 6n6,355 6n6 359 6n4 355 6mv,35b 6mu 35c 6n6,35c 6n1 35g 6mv 35h 6n6,35q 6md 35n 6n7,35o 6n2 35v 6mv 35u 6n6 35o 6n4,363 6n1 368 6mv 36a 6n8,369 6n6 363 6n8 36a 6n8,36j 6mc 36h 6na,36t 6me 36o 6ne,379 6mi 37j 6mg,37k 6mg 37g 6nf 374 6ne 379 6mi,388 6mf 37t 6mg 37r 6ms,37r 6mt 385 6n1 386 6nc 37q 6nc#B 3s1 d1i uu,B 341 9bp oe,B 30i 8mr uu,B 2tp 6ml p7,B 2k6 696 1lh,B 1sd 4vf 27c,B 21u 4bc 33g,B 1nh 3bd 32p,B -r 2u 3dm,B ib 10a 37h,B 2sl do9 jm,B 2c2 f7s e2

BMX/MTB auto, keep holding forward the whole time, but for MTB you have to hold enter and forward at the same time, then let go of enter and keep holding forward, comment on file

-18 1i 18 1i,16 1l 37 2p 76 5e bu 90 ee 9s,9m 7c am 7v bb 84 cj 85,-1u -4f -24 -4q,ci 85 d1 85,vn hq 10i j7 11i ln 124 ou 124 qi,123 q9 11u rr,112 sb 10s tl 10s v5 119 11l 11q 13m,-13 1n -14 j,14k 1ci 14k 1er 13u 1iq 12p 1mr,122 t1 11t sf,148 16h 14k 16o 150 16k,118 1pa 118 1qj 11i 1se 12b 1us 137 20j,136 20j 14r 22r 17q 251,17n 24q 1ar 25v,1am 25o 1dj 26f,1di 26h 1gh 26m 1k6 26e 1nq 25i 1qt 23s 1u7 212,1u9 212 20c 1up,20b 1tm 20u 1tm,27q 1qd 29p 1p2 2d9 1md 2ep 1kr,2pf 1jb 2qd 1kq 2sv 1o4 2tv 1p2,32d 1v3 333 20d 35f 23r,1b7 1b1 1cm 1e5 1dp 1g1 1gh 1j8,1gf 1j5 1iq 1ks,1bt 1cq 1e1 1eo 1hp 1h3 1lp 1ja,298 256 29k 27q 2a8 2e6,297 254 284 23n,29f 2f6 2ab 2hh,2ab 2hj 2bb 2jh,2bb 2ji 2dp 2ne,2f9 2o2 2g7 2q1 2gc 2s0 2g6 2ve,2e3 33h 2du 354 2e5 37j 2f6 3at,2hd 3dc 2i8 3ek,2i8 3el 2jl 3g7 2mv 3ih,2s5 3op 2t0 3po 2vn 3sd,2vn 3sc 30q 3tf,30q 3tg 31e 3tl,35d 41m 384 43v,382 43v 3c1 470,3gs 49s 3ha 4af 3j9 4df 3kj 4g9 3lb 4jd,3lc 4jd 3lg 4le,3lg 4ld 3kn 4ou,3a4 294 3b9 2a2 3dk 2bl 3hr 2dm,3mm 2gb 3nq 2gb 3p4 2g3 3q2 2fl,3u1 2fi 404 2dt 446 2a3 46i 27j,4e3 27p 4fj 2aj 4ik 2eo,4gv 2ci 4i0 2dg,4h4 2cl 4i2 2di,4h6 2cp 4i5 2di,4h6 2cp 4i7 2de,4h9 2cq 4i5 2dd,4pe 2jm 4pt 2ka 4qk 2jr 4q7 2j2,4gg 2ov 4gg 2pi,4gi 2pi 4hd 2pi 4h9 2ou,4hu 30c 4hu 31h 4iq 31f 4iu 2v3,3ja 4ug 3im 506 3h9 52p 3d1 58g 36j 5ed,3m6 5du 3lg 5en,3lg 5eo 3ko 5eo,3kq 5eo 3k8 5eo,39u 5kr 3bn 5m6 3fp 5oo 3nr 5rb,4a9 66a 4b1 66a,4av 669 4bl 667 4c4 662,4g5 6el 4ha 6ja 4jf 6of,4jf 6ok 4lg 6s8 4oh 6ve,4oe 6vc 4sm 72k,4sl 72k 4uk 73o 521 755 55s 767 5cj 76t 5j0 76t 5pe 76f 5v0 75h 661 73k 6fr 702 6o8 6rf 6vd 6m4 759 6fn 79q 68l 7ce 615,7l5 5u3 7l3 61a 7jo 61a 7jo 5u6,7l5 5u6 7km 619,7jq 5u6 7k7 617,4is 31c 4kc 31c 4kc 30f##

a BMX auto i am kinda proud of

-47 2r 1l 7h,1l 7i 5f 9n,5d 9l b6 cp,gv fr hl g4 i2 gs ic i5,ic i6 i9 j4 i2 jb,gb rr g8 sa fj s5,b6 rg ct tk,cs tj fb vb,fb vc f3 uo,dp 127 ek 148,ej 146 fk 15r fk 151,ih 16h hm 18c,hn 18c eg 1da,eh 1da eh 1cf,bf 1dp be 1be,br 1f4 c3 1ha,c4 1h8 cj 1im dm 1jg es 1jl fn 1je,fn 1jf i8 1ij,fh 1ig gg 1ig,im 1lt j1 1m1 je 1lu,hu 1q9 ie 1qf in 1qb,j6 1pj jd 1pj,h6 1qp hd 1qp,fn 1r0 ft 1r0,cq 1vr dg 1vh,cv 23g do 22i,e0 252 ei 24f,f2 26l fp 25v,jn 26o ik 265,jg 27r ik 278,iq 2ah ic 2aq hl 2b1 h2 2b2,fk 2cu fk 2d9 g4 2d9,i2 2ec i9 2e8 ih 2e2 io 2dq it 2dj,gs 2gp he 2gr,dv 2jj e7 2jm,fi 2ke fn 2kf,ed 2nt eq 2nt f2 2nq,fs 2nn g4 2nn,dl 2p9 de 2pj,de 2po de 2qg,de 2pi cu 2q7 c3 2qs,99 2su a4 2t4,63 302 63 30m 6b 31u 72 33i 7h 340 86 34a,d6 362 d4 36r,d7 39h dg 39d,b3 3b4 aq 3cc aq 3da,aj 3dv bu 3fl d2 3gj,d1 3gi d1 3g6,d1 3g4 d1 3fs,ft 3hf ga 3hj h7 3hl hm 3hi,j0 3kc j0 3ks jo 3kt js 3kd##

My critically acclaimed elements trilogy

part1: railslides

g 1u p 26 16 2b 1s 2e,3n 2j 4c 2n 5l 2s,6o 3q 71 47 73 4t 6s 5d 68 5v,2r 9v 32 ac 3l at 4e b7 55 b8,6f bg 71 bf 7h b7 7p aq,4j e1 4n ee 4v f1 5d fl 5l fs,5l fr 5s fs,ap ne b5 nk c3 nt d2 nv e0 nq en nh,fi n7 g5 mu h9 m9,kj m1 l6 m3 m3 m0 mq ll,o7 nm o1 o1 nf of mk op,iu ue ie ul hi uo gn uh fq u5,ec uc dt ub dg uf d4 um,d3 um ct v8 cu vt,dc u7 d8 ts,de u6 dd tu,dj u5 dj tr,fs 14p g3 14t gj 151 hc 154,ft 14q fo 14m,no 193 o7 198 p1 19a,no 193 nk 191,p0 19a pi 199,r9 19n sv 1a0,11n 1h7 121 1hh 12t 1i5 143 1im 156 1iu 165 1j2 179 1j0 181 1it 18p 1il 19k 1i6 1ad 1hh,1ad 1hg 1b5 1gm 1br 1fr 1cd 1es 1co 1e1 1d0 1d7 1d6 1c9 1da 1at 1d8 19i 1d0 17t,17u 107 17i 10l 16n 10v,13n 13l 13r 141 144 14g 14p 14u 15e 14v 161 14p 16g 14f 16o 143 16o 13j 16h 132 161 12q,ae 242 ai 24g b3 25c c0 267,hl 29u i1 2a4 ij 2aa j6 2ag k8 2aj lc 2aj me 2af,md 2af mu 2ac ne 2a6 o6 29q ov 293,u9 272 ur 275 105 27d 11i 27j,12t 28o 130 297 12p 29s 12c 2ag 11q 2aq,11d 2ck 11d 2cd,11d 2ch 11d 2c9,un 2f1 ud 2f3 tq 2f3 t5 2es,un 2f1 ur 2ev,rf 2fc pi 2gb,o7 2ia o3 2ip o3 2jo o9 2kg oj 2l3,p2 2ol p0 2p5 oe 2pt nj 2q8 mv 2q2,le 2qf le 2qt lg 2r6 lo 2rn,ln 2rm m0 2s3,mi 2v4 mc 2vf m3 2vl lh 2vr kp 2vm kd 2va,j0 31b j8 31m jm 321 kc 329,kc 328 md 32d nb 32d,o7 32k oo 32i p6 32a pf 320,mq 359 n0 35i nb 35r nr 361,t6 3an ti 3at u9 3b6 vf 3bc 10v 3bf,108 3c5 108 3bg,108 3c6 vo 3c6##B fa p1 2sb,B 1b0 1ii 2ge,B 1dc 1g4 2g4,B 1e9 19v 2fa,B 15v 15r 1qv,B 174 14n 1pq,B 171 13f 1or

Part2: flings

9 48 8 4k 13 4l,2a 3s 30 3s 31 4m,29 6g 29 75 1e 76,-o a0 -g ab a a8,1s 9u 29 9u 2c 9c,2k ct 2k d9,2j d9 3d d9,6b ej 6b f8 5e f8,-2c ep -2t ep -2t f7,-2s h2 -2s hk -2k hk,-5f gt -5f gb,-5f gc -54 gc,-87 ec -87 e1 -7m e1,-2o ae -25 ae -22 at,-5v 5n -5v 5a -6p 5a,-9q b6 -9q bh -9a bj,-5q ce -5q cm,-60 cl -5r cl,-61 cl -67 cl,-5q cd -5q c6,-af iu -an j8 -bd ir,-ct gk -cu g7 -dg g7,-e5 bf -e5 b3 -e5 aq,-e5 ap -e5 a5,-e4 a5 -df a5,-61 57 -61 53,-dg a5 -d7 a5 -d1 a5,-d1 a4 -cs a4,-6a o -36 o,-31 1a -31 s,-6d 16 -6d s##G 5n g3 1le,G -6j j9 11o,G -88 58 17c,G -cc jg 1d0,G -5e 34 b8

Part3: Stairs

a 1f l 1o,13 5i 1d 5g,0 8f d 8r,1o 9s 20 a9,3i dp 3v dp,5g fs 60 fu,a2 g1 a4 fq,93 j5 9l j5,c8 vd ci vd,d2 14u dd 14u,d0 14h dd 14h,cm 1c0 d5 1c0,ca 1h1 cn 1h1,c0 1lv ce 1lv,bc 23a bo 23h,bb 2cd bi 2cm,iq 2jd j9 2jd,pr 2ks pv 2ka,o8 2ni oj 2nr,qe 2pc qq 2ov,r7 2s0 rm 2s0,rp 2vm s6 2va,p9 31l p9 311,ob 33q og 33o,nc 34r nh 350,pc 36q pi 36m,p5 36t pb 36q,mf 37u mf 363,o8 39c og 39d,ok 3c7 os 3bv,o7 3d9 ok 3d9,ml 3ge mt 3ge,n3 3ik nb 3ik,mj 3in mj 3ii##

Free rider 2 auto terminology

all natural= only lines nop boosts gravity ot anything extra

XY=track made with only straight up and sideways lines no diagnol also no boosts and such

Mixed auto=has boosts and such

Mixed XY=XY that has boosts but the boosts must be relevently straight like this ----> but not /^(imagine thats a boost)

Arial=track where the rider is usually in the air and if at all rides on the ground for only a short period

only basic tricks so we can grade and reveiw each other on it.

fling= 9 1k 8 20 o 20##

steps= -18 1i 18 1i,-n 1j -n 1a,1i 1t 1r 1t,21 28 28 28,2e 2f 2n 2f,2u 2l 34 2l,33 2l 38 2k,48 4a 42 4j,45 84 47 8e,3s c9 4c c3,4q br 55 bk,29 ct 2j d8,1e f9 1t f5#-2 -1i 2 -d l -1g,m -r 1e -r 1e -1b n -1c n -j 1j -k,1p -1e 1p -g,1q -19 24 -19 24 -14,2q -1l 2r -d,2q -1m 2k -1g,2d -d 3e -d,3m -c 3m -8,3l -9 3p -9 3q -d 3m -b,-b 9r -1 c0 s 9n,s av 1g av 1g ab s ab t bb 1k bb,20 ad 20 b9,20 ai 26 ai 26 am,2h af 32 af 32 av 2g b0 2e bb 34 bb,3k b5 3f b5 3f bd 3i bd,3j bd 3j b4#

rails slide= -18 1i 18 1i,-m 1j -m 1a,f 1c m 1b,1d 1v 1o 1v,2e 4j 2e 4v 25 5u 1o 6n 15 7g 7 8e,-1c b9 -1e bl -1d cn,-1c cn -16 di -j en 3 fo 1c h6#f 2r f 3p,0 3p s 3p,g 2t 5 3c,6 ca u c9 u d0 5 d2 5 dk 16 dk#

Pinch= -18 1i 18 1i,-m 1d -m 19,i 19 q 19,1u 6j 27 6s 2l 6l,-1 9s 6 a6 h a2#d 5c d 5m i 5m i 5h d 5h,q 5i m 5i l 5n q 5n q 5i,q 5h q 5p,t 5i t 5p 16 5p,t 5i 15 5i,1a 5b 1a 5q,1a 5f 1g 5c,1c 5e 1h 5r,29 5k 22 5k 22 5t 29 5t 29 5j,22 5t 22 6a,2h 5f 2g 5l,2g 5p 2g 63,2l 5l 2l 60,2m 5o 2t 5o 2t 62,3a 5p 34 5p 34 62 3f 62,3i 5g 3i 62,3i 5q 3o 5q 3q 63,-1l 95 -1l 8n,-1l 8m -1d 8m,-1k 8r -1g 8r,-19 8r -19 96,-19 8r -13 8r,-t 8s -t 93,-t 8s -o 8s -o 94 -u 93,-j 8s -j 97,-j 8u -f 8u -e 98,-b 8p -b 99,-c 8t -9 8t,6 90 0 90 0 97 6 97 6 90,1 90 1 9f,b 8t e 91,c 94 c 9d,j 90 j 99,j 91 o 91 o 9a,11 92 r 92 r 9b 10 9b,18 8t 18 9d,18 95 1b 94,1b 93 1b 9d#

thats all if you have another kind of track just tell me and i'll add it

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