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MrPockets is the first third person on Armor Games and is proud of it. MrPockets also likes Cthulhu... MrPockets requests that if anyone was to post on his profile it would be in third person MrPockets ponders... MrPockets does not enjoy nicknames along the lines of "Pockets" or spelling mistakes as in "MrPickets" or "MrPackets" MrPockets only nicknames can be submitted on his profile or will be MasterPockets MrPockets will friend anyone called "MrMiffles" MrPockets is NOT MrMiffles or MrsPockets MrPockets really means that. MrPockets will now post all people in the third person club: MrPockets (founder) MrsPockets(co-founder) MrMiffles(co-founder) beastahayes(lead investigator) Geenf11(investigator) XSilentPhantomX(member) MoonFairy(member) leo99rules(member) FallenSky(member) Evilginger(member) Thebeast27(member) thaboss (member) killersup10 (member) FANS unseenhearts chitown Trumpetfury gameman22 GRANTRON GoldFire IDKdoubletime jakeb18 Nater Agent_AAS 777MER777 Dannydaninja john1099 slayguy8 CommanderDude7 Efan firefox123 Secretmapper mattsygoo foxyman6978 IcyIndia MrPockets would like to add that if you want to join, post on MrPockets profile. MrPockets would like to say that to join, you either need to speak in third person a lot or you can be a fan which would have its own section. MrPockets needs to add that if you wish to be an investigator you make sure people speak in third person when they are supposed to. MrPockets likes polite people and he tends to friend them MrPockets thinks this is important, MrPockets has created a group called AG cares, MrPockets would like people to join it. MrPockets feelings: MrPockets is in good health

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