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here is my youtube channel cool youtube video Armor Games Military Operations Team Special Emergency Response Team <center>AGMOT: S.E.R.T</center> <img src=></img> We are an Eliet Part of A.G.M.O.T Founded 12-28-13<font color="green"> Send Clan related Stuff to this e-mail Sert Mission List: Mission1: Operation BlackStar Jan26th to Jan30th <center>AGMOT SLCG:Blackbeltr0</center> <center>Leader/Founder: MrStealth R1a2z3e4</center></center></font><font color="gray"> <center>SIC: dav123</center> <center>70_70_70</center> <center>TIC: xXxDAPRO89xXx</center> Supreme Chief General ✯✯✯✯✯✯: Chief General✯✯✯✯✯: Lieutenant Chief General✯✯: 2nd Lieutenant [b] Chief Warrant Officer: 0ppy omegap12 Warrant Officer Command Sergeant: Sergeant Major: NoobGamer9000 Sergeant First class: Sergeant: Corporal: Specialist: Private First Class: Private:

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