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  • AIM: at the pockets!!!
  • MSN: yeah... umm
  • Yahoo: are you still reading?!?!
  • XBOX Live: be careful.. the box will rip your arm off!
  • Wii: are so gonna be bff's!!!!
  • PSN: nope not really........
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hay everbody! If your reading MrsPockets's about that means a) you want to know more about MrsPockets, or b) you are very very bored and have no life. lol. MrsPockets is just joking.


MrsPockets most favoritest quote
You are not defeated, unless you accept it.

some things you should know about MrsPockets:

1)MrsPockets LOVES grapples (google this if you dont know what they are,or find out from somebody else.
MrsPockets ponders,what is the fun in googleing things!?!?!)

2)MrsPockets favorite movie is napoleaon dynamite.

3)MrsPockets want you to be her friend (just tell her if you are)

4)MrsPockets is quite afraid of cthulhu.

5)MrsPockets would like to eat a grapple right now.

6)MrsPockets is not british

7)MrsPockets ALWAYS speaks in third person. To speak any other way upsets MrsPockets and her therapists says that is not good for her.

8) Yes, Mrspockets see a therapist.
and the most important one of all........

9)MrsPockets is not married to or affiliated with MrPockets.
(all though he and MrsPockets are good friends.)

MrsPockets will not tolerate people calling her pockets lady or any such other names. =p

MrsPockets will now post all people in the third person club:

MrPockets (founder)
beasthayes(lead investigator)

yes, sadly MrsPockets is second in the club order.

thanks for reading about MrsPockets!!!

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