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I'm strongly against spam.
If I do not know you, then don't post random posts. Thanks.


Why is your name so awesome?
Honestly, I'm not too fond of it. I would change it if I could...

What is a merit?

If you have any questions related to the Armor Games' system, refer to the Help page. If you still have questions after reading the page thoroughly, then you may refer to me. If you still have questions, go ask a moderator. If you still have questions, go ask an admin. If you still have questions, too bad

Are you a moderator?
No, and I never was... I'd like to though

Then why don't you quit trying to make people stop spamming?
When I first joined AG, in about 2008, I have to admit I was a spammer aswell. I had a few people tell me that I need to stop, and over time I stopped because I understood why I should stop. Right now, I am one of those people trying to convince new people to stop spamming.

Any more questions? Just put them in my message box

I play a lot of Minecraft! Gotta be one of the most open-ended games these days, which is why it never gets old, as long as you download mods or adventure maps . I've created two texture packs, but am not working on texture packs. Check 'em out below

[WIP] SaiCraft [16x]
DotCraft [1.7.3] 16X16

Though I have made a mod and am working on another one. Check out the one I made down below!!

[1.8.1]Reinforced Items
I enjoy swimming, playing video games, and surfin' on the internet. I also do Taekwondo (I'm actually a black belt ),and the games I play the most right now are Starcraft II, Modern Warfare 2, and Minecraft.

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