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Yes I am a SHOPS admin with XCoheedX because I know him from somewhere. As of now anyone is free to post there and report spam. Anyway I am an all-star baseball player and that is pretty much it. Sorry I really dont have alot to say... Ummmmm Go AG! I guess?
Here is my best free rider map ever! ( Go slower or you will miss the features ) -18 1i 18 1i,18 1g 26 1u 2s 2s 1a 39 -4e 4f -5d 63 -5h 7d -4j 8t -32 a2 -s a8 od is p1 io op j4 mp mg np n3 ot nm qf k0 qf je qs k3 tp ok 127 sa 13l s9 152 u1 1p4 16m 1qk 165 1vg 17c 204 177 201 17i 1vl 18v 28p 1bp,221 19i 224 18u 227 18b 1vu 17h,227 18a 255 194 24s 1a9,251 198 27q 1a1 27e 1b9,27o 1a1 285 1ah,28k 1bn 28v 1cj 290 1dj 28q 1eo 28n 1g7 294 1hq 29p 1jh 2ao 1l9 2c3 1mt 2df 1nt 2eu 1oq 2gh 1pi 2i5 1q6 2jq 1qn 2ld 1r8 2mu 1ro 2ot 1sc 2qp 1sv 2sl 1ti 2uf 1u4 308 1ul 321 1v5 33l 1vk 355 202 36o 20j 38f 21n 39i 22v 3ai 24d 3bh 25q 3cg 27a 3df 28o 3ek 2a0 3g4 2av 3hl 2br 3j9 2cj 3kr 2d9 3me 2dq 3o0 2ea 3q2 2eq 3s4 2f5 3u6 2fb 407 2fe 428 2f8 449 2eq 469 2e3 47m 2d7 491 2c7 4ad 2b5 4bq 2a3 4d7 291 4em 27v,4em 27v 4g8 26t 4i1 263 4ju 25s 4le 26q 4mf 28b 4n7 2aa 4nu 2c9 4om 2e6 4pf 2g3 4q9 2hs 4rv 2j5 4tj 2ji 4ve 2jg 50t 2j4 52j 2ij 54f 2ib 56h 2i9 58j 2i7 5al 2i5 5cm 2i4 5en 2i3 5go 2i2 5ip 2i1 5kp 2i1 5mp 2i1 5op 2i1 5qp 2i1 5sn 2i1 5um 2i1 60l 2i8 62c 2j8 63g 2l8 641 2n5 64h 2p6 651 2r6 65j 2t5 665 2v3 66p 310 67h 32s 68o 34c 6ab 35e 6c2 362 6dt 36c 6fp 36b 6hk 362 6jf 35h 6l7 34q 6mt 33v 6of 330 6pt 31t,6pt 31t 6r6 30m 6se 2vd 6tk 2u4 6uq 2sq 6vv 2rh 716 2q8 72g 2p7 74o 2pm 76f 2r3 785 2st 79q 2uq 7bd 30m 7d0 32f 7ej 33j 7gq 33m 7ig 33e 7k7 334 7ls 32j 7nh 321 7pb 32e 7r0 337 7se 34h 7tj 36i 7uo 38j 7vu 3al 814 3cd 82b 3e1 83j 3fk 84o 3hf 85s 3je 870 3ld 884 3na 898 3p7 8ad 3r4 8bh 3so 8cn 3to 8el 3u7 8gd 3ts 8i7 3to 8jr 3v9 8lc 40r 8ms 41e 8oh 415 8q5 40s 8rp 40k 8th 40j 8vf 40v 91d 41j 93b 42a 958 432,958 432 975 43q 991 44i 9at 45b 9cp 463 9ek 46r 9gf 47i 9ia 48a 9k5 492 9m0 49q 9nq 4ai 9pl 4b9 9rf 4bv 9t6 4c3 9ur 4bv a0f 4bn a2f 4b3 a4d 4ac a67 49d a7u 487 a98 475 aai 461 abu 44u adi 43q afa 42o ah4 41q aiu 41a akk 417 amm 41g ao7 421 ao2 43f amp 44u ald 46a ajn 484 ai4 4a0 agk 4br af7 4dl adt 4fg ad5 4ha adq 4io afh 4jm ahf 4js aj6 4jj al0 4j5 ams 4il aoo 4i3 aql 4hg ash 4gt aue 4gb b0d 4fu b2e 4fn,b2e 4fn b4f 4fg b6e 4fa b8d 4f4 bac 4ev bc9 4eq be7 4em bg4 4eh bhu 4f4 bjk 4g8 bl8 4hf bmr 4ip boe 4k7 bq1 4lp brk 4nh bt5 4pc bun 4r4 c07 4sd c1o 4te c38 4ua c4p 4v6 c6a 502 c7r 50t c9b 51u cap 539 cc4 54o cdf 568 ceq 57n cg3 590 chb 5a0 cik 5b0 cju 5c0 cl8 5d0 cmh 5e0 cnr 5f0 cp6 5g1 cqg 5h1,cqa 5h0 cs4 5h3 cfj 69p,cmr 5ri cmr 5rb,cmc 5tp dtu 5u2,dtu 5u4 dum 5u5 dvo 5u7 e0u 5u8 e25 5ua e3j 5uc e55 5uk e6d 5v5 e7p 5vm e98 608 eap 60r ecb 61h edv 627 efl 62r ehb 63d ej3 63r ekr 647 emk 64g eod 64n eq7 64s es2 651 ets 655 evn 65a f1i 65e f3d 65h f59 65l f74 65o f90 65q far 65s fcn 65v fej 662 fgf 664 fib 667 fk7 66a fm3 66d fnv 66g fpr 66j frn 66m ftj 66p fvf 66s,g4b 68b g5q 688 g7d 67l g8q 66q g9q 65j ga8 641 g9s 62a,g9s 62a g8o 60p g7a 5vm g5r 5v1 g4h 5uo g35 5uk g22 5uq g16 5va g0m 605 g0f 60u g09 61n,fvb 670 fv6 684 fv8 698 fvg 6am fvo 6c4 g09 6do g1d 6fb g2t 6gt g41 6i8 g53 6jn g63 6l8 g71 6mp,g4g 686 g4i 697 g4q 6a8 g5g 6bb g6h 6ch g7o 6df g8t 6ec ga0 6f9 gb2 6g9 gbv 6he gco 6ij gde 6jq,g6u 6mn g7t 6nk g91 6oi ga3 6pi gb1 6qj gbu 6rr gcr 6t8 gdq 6uo gf3 706 gge 71e gi3 72d,gb3 71l gad 70k g9q 6vm g93 6uf g86 6ta g72 6s2 g5p 6qo,g5p 6qo g4c 6pc g2u 6nt g1f 6mb g0e 6l3 fvc 6jp fu7 6i2 fta 6ga ft1 6ep fsv 6dg fst 6c7 fsr 6b5,fqh 687 fra 68g frv 692,fqv 6dd frp 6e4 fsm 6ev fti 6fm,g8e 679 g9c 682 ga6 68v gat 69s gbl 6aq gcj 6bk gdr 6cc gf1 6d3 gg8 6e2 ghf 6f9 gin 6gm gk1 6i8 glc 6jp gmr 6l9 god 6mo,gi2 72c gj6 729,gdf 6jr gec 6l2 gf5 6m4 gg3 6n9 ggu 6o9 ghn 6p3 gig 6ps gjf 6qm gkc 6rc,gj0 729 gju 729 gl0 721 gm3 71m gn0 71c gns 711 goo 70l gpj 70a gqf 703 grg 6vu gsl 708 gtq 70l gv4 713,gkb 6rf gl7 6rt gm4 6sd gmu 6ss gno 6tb,go8 6mi gpg 6n5 gr3 6nv gsm 6oo gu7 6pj gvo 6qe h1c 6ra h32 6s6 h4p 6t0 h6g 6tp h8a 6ul ha7 6vh,gv3 70u h0c 71n h23 72m h3o 73k h58 74f h6k 757 h7r 75s h93 76i ha4 774 hb4 77l hc2 785 hd3 799 hdr 7ac hea 7bj heg 7cu,ha5 6vb hbf 6vq hct 70j hef 71l hg4 733 hhd 749 hio 75i hk3 76s hlc 788 hmh 79r hnl 7bg hoq 7d7 hpu 7es hqp 7ge hri 7hv hsc 7jf htb 7ku hul 7mb i0a 7np i21 7pc i3l 7r4 i55 7t1 i6l 7us i85 80n i9l 82h i88 84a i6r 85t i5a 87d i3n 88q i1p 8a0 hvn 8au htf 8bh hr5 8bu hor 8c7 hmi 8cd hk6 8cd hhp 8c7 hfe 8bp hd6 8b5 hb3 8aa h93 899 h77 885 h5e 86v h3q 85n h2g 84d h1j 833 h0k 81c gvr 7vm gva 7u1 gvi 7sk h0h 7rh,h0h 7rh h2a 7qm h4a 7q0 h6a 7p8 h7o 7oi h9n 7nj hbd 7n0,hbd 7mu hc4 7ma hcp 7lb hdb 7ka hdq 7j7 he8 7hu hei 7gl hep 7f6 her 7dm hep 7c3#211 167 21l 13b 22h 13b 230 13j 233 147 22f 14q,22e 14q 21g 14m 22a 168,22m 16a 23s 13s 23r 16i,233 14v 240 154,24k 16d 24n 147,245 141 25d 14c,241 162 261 16c,26c 146 26j 171 295 170,1vf 11k 1v1 15m 216 12d,21t 123 23c 12b,23n 12b 26l 139 27h 13g,280 13n 291 144 2a4 14q,29u 157 29i 17u,29a 17s 26t 18i,26g 18g 24u 17v,24n 17q 245 17g,23r 17d 22r 173,22k 170 214 16f,20v 16c 20n 167,209 162 1vq 15r,1vk 15o 1vk 15k,216 11p 1u5 14r,206 13q 203 12s,208 12g 1v3 14m,20j 13n 1vd 144,208 136 1ur 15h 1u3 133,1ua 11s 20i 11s,211 11s 21q 126 22e 128,22j 128 23n 12g,23p 12g 24f 12g 25n 12l,25o 12l 26e 131,26h 131 270 13d,277 139 27f 13n,27f 13j 283 13t,298 131 29a 13j,296 13d 28u 14l,28p 14c 28m 14g,29n 149 29l 167 28k 181,28i 17v 28c 17p,275 17f 251 17s,245 17i 23u 16f,23p 167 21g 162 208 159 1vb 14l#

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