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My name is... on the top of my profile. I'm back. No, really this time.

I hate Mondays.
About me:
I'm a pro crastinator. Three cheers for me.
I'm an atheist. If you want to hear more, visit the WEPR Board during my spurts there. This page is too long.
None. Zilch. Nothing.
Stuff I like. That means Portal, originality, good grammar, robots, computers, the Internet and books.
Baby-eating, pentagram-drawing, sacrificing goats to Beelzebub, y'know, normal atheist pastimes.
This is a sweet webcomic
Do not expect me to consistently play games, I am fickle.

My 1000th post. Tells you a lot about me.
Suddenly hyphens! Thousands of them!

It's a clock. The top row represents minutes, with each ball being a minute. Each ball on the second row is five minutes. Each ball on the bottom row is an hour.
You can get your own by clicking the watermark.

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