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  • Wii: Got it, but I don't use it so much...
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Roasted and Toasted

Quick link to my points and my messenger

I don't know english well, so if you notice some mistake in my words, I would be glad to understand my errors and correct it : )

I'm not a great writer, my biography was blank since my first merit.
I want to thank the mod DragonMistress for giving it to me on 2nd of August 2008 for a little review of GemCraft.

If you don't find me online It's normally, because I play much at Kongegate (This is a referral link, I know, if you want to help me click there, if you don't you can check Kongregate with this other link), because there is a little italian community; I also play often on Armor Games, bacause there the games are uploaded first, and the to sites are compatibles, and sometimes i chanege my saved progress games files from AG to Kong,

I got the Second Merit on the game The Great Bathroom Escape on the 6th of Aughust 2008
Then my third merit, this time on Dolphin Olympics 2 (thanks to Ernie15 that noticed it ).
Finally my fourth merit,

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