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If you are from Croatia you can enjoy us on OR playersCro The team leader:- alaRi My assistant :   - RioRi Other members:- Dodo266                              - Mate1239                              - Vito - NitaRi (\__/) (+'.'+) Copy and paste Bunny ('')_('') on ur account to help him gain world domination ......(\__/) ......(+'.'+) ..../""""""""""""\=======+  - - - /""""""""""""""""""""""\ \_@_@_@_@_@_@_@_/ _______________________________________________ [b]Viper crew members[b/] Leader- 1zth Co-leader- Ashank Co-leader- Madmangame23 Co-leader- Dragon3656 Clan Anouncer- Letsgome Chris707 Rocha36 SuperBob111 deltaspartan ChanistheMan Bobthebest alaRi BRF321JOJO RioRi Mate1239 Dodo266 Samurair2 Vito R2D21999 spikeabc NitaRi [b]BEASTMASTER CLAN. I am a member and the clan is currently recruiting, just ask Minotaur55 or NarutoAwesomeness28 and they will add you for sure!!!! Members: Minotaur55 (Co-founder) NarutoAwesomeness28 (Co-Founder) letsgome (Porcupine high level member) JohnisFresh (VIP member) roomin (VIP member) MetalHeart (VIP member) derp3101 (VIP member) darkwolf1 (VIP member) Flutechick747 (clan member) Jeff1999 (clan member) StarWarsFreak97 (clan member) 70_70_70 (clan member) zairek123 (clan member)  fman22 (clan member) shadowking1234 (clan members) shadowgurlz (clan member) alaRi (clan member) NitaRi (clan member) There is also a clan chat room so clan members can chat, make friend, awesome stuff you know Beastmaster Clan chat

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