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Sorry At Kongregate

Anybody who is wondering what my real name is its Austin

Here's an awesome line rider game from XEDEN!
-18 1i 18 1i 2g u,-18 1i 2g u,0 1i 0 18,-42 e2 -43 f2 -3u g3 -3i h6 -2o i7 -1h jb -8 k0 15 ka 2e k9 3p ju 4s ja 5m ie 6g h8 78 fp 7o ef,ie 8o i9 9p hi ao gb b4,5a 11e 5j 12c 66 13d 76 148 8m 150 a4 15c bh 15a cm 14r,cq 14s de 14h dv 141 eb 139 ek 12g,hg 1dk hg 1er hb 1g0 gt 1h7 fr 1i8 ea 1ip cc 1iv,8e 1iu 7q 1iu 7q 1i0 84 1i0 8e 1i0,a0 1m2 aa 1m2 aa 1lo,a0 1m2 9m 1m2,42 244 44 258 4b 26h 4n 27j 5f 28g 6h 297 7t 29s 99 2a9 al 2ae bt 2aa db 29r ef 291 fa 27q fs 26h g6 250 gb 238,gs 1v4 gs 1ua gp 1td gh 1sf g6 1rm fe 1r2 ec 1ql d1 1qg bt 1qq b4 1rj af 1sm a7 1ts ae 1v1 av 1vu bn 20j cj 210,ku 26u ku 26a,om 2ci op 2dp on 2f1 og 2gg o7 2hr np 2j9 n2 2ko m1 2m2 kl 2n4 j8 2nq i1 2o1 gm 2nu fj 2nh ek 2mo e5 2ll dv 2ki dt 2jb,2q 518 2r 528 2u 53d 34 54h 3b 55l 3k 56u 40 58e 4g 59n 58 5b1 68 5c9 7g 5dd 8o 5e6 9v 5ej bc 5eo cl 5em dp 5ed f0 5du g9 5d0 h6 5br hv 5ac in 58o,-u 4si -68 2l0,io 58o uu 58o 14i 58o 15k 58k 16k 58a 17m 57q 18r 574 19n 56d 1ag 55b 1b4 540 1bl 52k,1le 550 1le 569 1le 57l 1lj 590 1lr 5aj 1m5 5cd,1m2 5c6 1m7 5d7 1mn 5ee 1nh 5fq 1oa 5gt 1pb 5hs 1qj 5im 1s2 5j9 1tl 5jk 1v8 5jo 20q 5jk 22a 5j8 23k 5ii 24q 5hk 260 5ge 272 5eu 280 5d6 28o 5b5,2hs 5bs 2hn 5d8 2hf 5el 2h4 5g6 2gq 5hn 2g6 5j2 2f8 5kd 2e2 5lm 2cn 5mt 2b7 5o1 29j 5ot 280 5ph 26k 5pr 255 5q1,26a 5qs 1l4 5qi 1js 5pu 1js 5pk,260 5q8 25c 5qs,25c 5q8 260 5qs,26a 5q8 26a 5qs 26k 5qs,26a 5qi 26k 5qi,26a 5q8 26k 5q8,26u 5q8 26u 5qs,26u 5q8 278 5qi 26u 5qs,27i 5q8 27i 5qs 27s 5qs,27i 5qi 27s 5qi,27i 5q8 27s 5q8,286 5q8 286 5qs,286 5q8 28g 5qs 28g 5q8##B 1ve 5jm pa,B 1u6 5jm pa,B 130 58o pa,B 122 58o pa,B 114 58o pa,B 106 58o pa,B v8 58o pa,B d4 2ig 1le,B aa 1sk 294,B 42 24o 2vk,B 42 24e 2vk,B 42 244 2vk,B 7q 14i 3k5,B 18 k0 49q,B 5u i4 3sj,B fa 27s 2fa,B fk 26u 2fa,B jc 2nq 20m,B ie 2nq 20m,B hq 2nq 20m

This only works with BMX trust me i've tried.

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