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Here you go Kal Double Jump Explained
There are other ways and things to add on top of that but that's the basics.

I have discovered how magnets work. It's the butterflies. They are inside them and they fly towards each other when they are close. That must be it. What else could it be?

Now I have to prove this. The only way to do it is to invent a way to see the butterflies. To do this I must be in space. I can't come up with any reason why besides instinct but it must be in space.

And now you know why I'm in space.

O it seems I was incorrect. Due to the discovery of this wonderful thing called Google today I learned the true reason to why magnets work. I am rather disappoint.

Whelp. I'm staying it space to see what other things I can discover. I will keep you all up to date.

I. Have. Done. It.
You. No. You don't. Know. You don't know. Well I guess. Guess. I. Well. Should probably. Yeah. K. I will. No. Never mind. Oh. Never mind the never mind. I. Will. Tell. You. Shhhhhh. It's listening. Yes. Always listening. But I shall now. Tell you. It's not the Butterflies. It's worse then that. It's the R-

I have returned. Don't mind that last paragraph up there. I was not all here when I wrote it. It is all good now though. That, uh, R- up there. Yeah, that was going to say, um, well, it was suppose to be a M. Yeah, an M. You see I just missed the M and hit R. They are really close together you know. Really, I'm serious don't mind that R. It means nothing at all.

I'll be back shortly, got to take care of some stuff not in anyway related to a word that starts with R.

That took longer then expected. Let me let you in on a little secret. That whole R and M deal up there is very important. It's suppose to be an R not a M. The only reason I can speak of this right now is because I create an object. This object, for now I will call it The Cube. The Cube blocks the Rs from hearing me, a wonderful invention since they are always listening. I don't have time right now to tell you what the Rs are but I will. Very soon.

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