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Welcome to the PS3/360 Friend database.  This a place where you can find PSN (PlayStation Network) accounts and 360 Gamertags so you can add fellow AG members as a friend.

To add your PSN ID or Gamertag, do not post a comment on here.  Post it in the thread in the Video Games section.

I will post the user then their gamertag in this format:

[AG username]: [PS3: AGuser]
[AG username]: [360: AGuser]

It is organized in alphabetical order.

abcize: [360: aBCIzE]
atoms12123: [PSN: Agold21]
bonzzo41791: [360: SOR Iceman]
Drakedurbin: [360: Deathpwnage27]
florglee2: [360: RE 5 Addict]
Graham: [PS3: cookies_r_us]
imthebest: [360: Fxt RAvEn]
jamz92: [360: JamZ 92]
Knuckledusty: [360: Knuckledusty]
kpt4: [360: kpt4]
Nightfox44: [PSN: Tranded_DeDaros]
odl567: [360: Tehodlzor10]
pauler94: [PS3: pauler94]
Pois0nArr0w: [360: xFa11enS0u1x]
shayneii: [PS3: skshayne]
undertkr666: [360: undertkr666]

Database by: shayneii, last updated September 9/09

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