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Welcome to P.W.A.N.P., the most popular destination for those seeking rehabilitation in all aspects regarding mental sanity and perversion. Make yourself comfortable! -- Our organization, P.W.A.N.P., operates with 7 different Asylums, and although it was founded firstly for the cleansing of the minds of the citizens of this kingdom, many are the uses that these asylums now have. -- P.W.A.N.P. has been leading covert operations in ArmorGames for nearly four years, but it is only until now that our leaders have decided to put ourselves forth so that anyone might join us voluntarily. -- Thus, P.W.A.N.P. has become one of the greater lawful-good forces of ArmorGames. Let us hope that under the constant vigilance of everyone, ArmorGames becomes a clean and child-safe environment. -- So pull out a chair, have a drink, and tell us all about yourself! -- Inmates: Riptizoid101 - in rehabilitation. -- Rogue Users: wflag10 pangtongshu Must be detained and escorted back to a P.W.A.N.P. facility immediately, preferably alive.

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