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Hi. I'm a dotd player, currently level 1100+. My ingame name is also Palasferas. Feel free to add me and if you leave a comment I will add you too. I'll remove your comment after I added you, not because I hate you, but because it will be easier to see whom I already added and whom not. Feel also free to join our guild: Officers' Guild. We only ask of you to be active and to follow some rules and we are willing to answer all your questions about the game if you're new. If the guild is full, I can recommend Llanowar's guild: Salome's Brothel. It's an active guild with friendly and helpful people. Have fun and see you in game. Btw, I'm willing to help with failing raids. I can't save a caracalla on my own, but I will help if there is some hope. I can solo most of the z1-9 raids, though. So if you have a raid that needs help, feel free to ask, but don't post them on my account here. I'm not checking that often for new comments. Instead send me a pm in game. I can be found in the Officers' Guild.

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