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The Rules of Armor Games (not the real rules) have been updated. This includes a slight change to the name for clarification purposes.

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superbobdabest's Football Competition (2014)

superbobdabest created a football competition, where users draft NFL teams and score points depending on performance. I participated in this last year and will do so again. However, the scoring system is different this time. Here's the new scoring system:

Win: 3 points
Tie: 1 point
Reach playoffs: 2 points
Win Wild Card: 3 points
First round bye: 3 points
Win Divisional: 4 points
Win Conference Championship: 5 points
Win Super Bowl: 6 points


1) superbobdabest (creator of event)
2) xeano321 (knight)
3) vinster132
4) Patrick2011 (me)
5) nichodemus (knight)
6) xXxDAPRO89xXx
7) daleks
8) Penguin022

2 slots are open, as shown above. Also, superbobdabest is hoping that the draft can begin by August 1st.

Unofficial Rules of Armor Games

NOTE: These are not actual rules. What's below is a set of inside jokes related to Armor Games created in this thread. For the actual site rules, click these links.

Rule 1: Do not talk about Dan.
Rule 2: Do NOT talk about Dan.
Rule 3: There are three levels of users. Admins, then Mods, then you.
Rule 4: You will never be a Moderator.
  Rule 4-1: Especially if you openly state you want to be one.
  Rule 4-2: Especially if you try way too hard to be helpful.
  Rule 4-3: Strop is an exception.
Rule 5: No one thinks bad spelling/grammar is funny or cool. Go away.
Rule 6: We already have a thread for "You're banned."
Rule 7: There are no real rules about posting.
  Rule 7-1: Yes, there are. Enjoy your ban.
  Rule 7-2: Serious mischief = banhammer.
Rule 8: There are rules for making and playing RPGs. Read them.
Rule 9: If you post in Newcomers, R2D21999 will offer you cookies with questionable health consequences.
Rule 10: "Respond with 'I love Armor Games' to prove you've read this."
Rule 11: You must have pictures to prove your statement.
  Rule 11-1: You must also have links, references, quotes, and perfect grammar to prove your statement in WEPR.
  Rule 11-2: Wikipedia is not a reference.
  Rule 11-3: All of your carefully-worded arguments can easily be ignored.
Rule 12: Don't argue with trolls. Report them.
Rule 13: Ferret is actually a ferret.
  Rule 13-1: Gantic is actually a rabbit.
  Rule 13-2: boppins is actually a magical unicorn.
Rule 14: If you post something worse than pangtongshu, you deserve a ban.
Rule 15: Learn BB Code before posting anything involving BB Code.
  Rule 15-1: Always use [lowercase] tags, not [UPPERCASE] tags.
Rule 16: You are not allowed to misprint user names.
  Rule 16-1: Calling R2D21999 "R2D" means punishment.
  Rule 16-2: Calling pangtongshu "Pang" means death.
  Rule 16-3: Calling StormWalker "SunWalker" means death.
  Rule 16-4: Calling MattEmAngel "MattEm" doesn't even make sense.
Rule 17: There are NO girls on Armor Games.
  Rule 17-1: Except pangtongshu, maybe.
  Rule 17-2: StormWalker is a femalloid, whatever that means.
Rule 18: Armor Games has ads, but all user benefits are free. Accept it.
  Rule 18-1: Most of them are for cut-and-paste MMOs because people still think cut-and-paste MMOs are cool, apparently.
Rule 19: They aren't "Achievements," they're "Quests." They are far superior.
Rule 20: This is Armor Games, not Kongregate, Newgrounds, Miniclip, etc. We don't do everything they do.
Rule 21: You cannot make a successful Thread in AMW.
Rule 22: Referring to yourself in the 3rd person is not cool.
  Rule 22-1: killersup and thaboss are exceptions.
  Rule 22-2: MrPockets had something to do with it.
  Rule 22-3: Signatures aren't that cool either.
Rule 23: Everything that can be found will be found in pangtongshu's bed.
Rule 24: Armor Games has an (EDIT) button for posts. You no longer have an excuse.
Rule 25: If you make two Forum Games on the same day, and they both fail, the third one will also fail.
Rule 26: Thou shalt not unfix what Matt has fixed in relation to the Unofficial Rules of Armor Games.
Rule 28: *sorry, Caps Lock was on.
Rule 29: The more you hate it, the stronger it gets.
Rule 30: I have Legacy Quests. You don't because I was here before Quests.
Rule 31: The best flash games have blue elephants.
  Rule 31-1: There will never be enough sequels to "This is the Only Level."
Rule 32: You can't find that Armatar because they got it from an Armatar Contest a year ago.
Rule 33: There is no Rule 33.
Rule 34: If it has Quests, there is a thread for it. No exceptions.
Rule 35: If no thread is found, it will be made before you make one.
Rule 36: "Sorry, ninja'd."
  Rule 36-1: It is the ninja'd to be blamed for the ninja'ing, not the ninja.
Rule 37: Take two minutes to fix your spelling and grammar before posting in an RPG.
Rule 38: Hugging is needed.
Rule 39: "Hay guyz can i join ur game i didnt read teh rulez LOL." No. Go away.
Rule 40: What you click isn't always what you get.
Rule 41: Instead of making a new Thread in the "Programming Help" section, lurk.
  Rule 41-1: If you don't find your answer, lurk more.
Rule 42: Your zombie RPG is doomed to fail. Sorry in advance.
Rule 43: No one has ever asked for hunger and thirst stats in an RPG for a reason.
  Rule 43-1: Because they never work.
Rule 44: Anything past Page 10 is going to be necro'd.
Rule 45: Nice question. Have you ever heard of Google?
  Rule 45-1: No? Google it.
Rule 46: If you're going to post a comment, give it some thought. One sentence is not enough.
Rule 47: Being "friended" on Armor Games is not as important as you think it is.
  Rule 47-1: "Friending" is not complicated. Do NOT make a new Thread asking how to do so.
  Rule 47-2: "Friending" random people will not make you popular.
  Rule 47-3: Maybe you could actually talk to a person before "friending" them. That would be nice.
Rule 48: Armor Points are gone. Deal with it.
Rule 49: You don't get Armor Points for spamming comments anymore. Deal with it.
Rule 50: If you are inactive for over a month, you are pronounced dead.
  Rule 50-1: Don't post on a user's profile if the user has been consistently inactive.
  Rule 50-2: If you say "I'm leaving Armor Games" (or any variation thereof), your profile will be stalked.
Rule 51: Female members will get the most "Welcome to Armor Games!" posts.
  Rule 51-1: Unfortunately, Rule 17.
Rule 52: Don't bump your thread every five minutes if no one posts.
  Rule 52-1: I said don't bump it!
Rule 53: Any thread created on April 1 will be considered a prank until April 2.
Rule 54: AG3 is still in progress. It might have never existed in the first place.
Rule 55: Go to "Atheism vs. Theism." Lose faith in humanity.
  Rule 55-1: Your opinion is always wrong.
Rule 56: Stop telling us about your new dubstep track. We know you stole it.
Rule 57: You will never prove that the Xbox is better than the Playstation.
Rule 58: You will never prove that the Playstation is better than the Xbox.
Rule 59: Armor Games is NOT "pay to play."
Rule 60: Forum Games that involve judging other people will always be the most popular.
  Rule 60-1: Yours is a duplicate. No exceptions.
Rule 61: Tavern threads that involve "Battle of" will always be the most popular.
Rule 62: What has been Locked will never be Unlocked.
Rule 63: Strip. Yours is irrelevant.
Rule 64: tl;dr


1. Dan (referring to the user DanielMcNeely) is the creator/founder of Armor Games.
11-1. WEPR is World Events, Politics, Religion, etc. It's a forum.
13. Gantic is a moderator. Ferret and boppins are administrators.
21. AMW is Art, Music and Writing. Most threads just don't work.
23. Inside joke. Mostly applied to Newcomers.
29. Refers to opinions and concepts throughout the forums.
30. "Legacy" quests comes from levels earned in the previous Armor Games set-up. Points were earned for various actions. A rank was earned for a set number of points. Previous users got these Legacy quests as a reward for sticking around.
36. Ninja'd is when someone replies to a post, but another user posts before them, screwing up the order and making things a bit confusing. You post again saying "Sorry, ninja'd" so people understand the mistake. It usually happens in "Unfortunately/Fortunately" in the Forum Games.
41. Many people with programming questions make a new thread for that specific questions instead of "lurking," which means looking through other threads to find the answer to your question.
48/49. Armor Points were the previous scoring system. You earned them for commenting, rating games, submitting games, etc. It was very popular because you unlocked new Ranks and Armatars, but it caused a lot of useless posts/ratings so people could boost their numbers. It has been replaced with Quests. Some of the limited access (i.e. those with an AP requirement) armatars from the previous AG are now available to everyone. The others may only be used by those with enough AP from the previous AG. Anyway, don't worry about unlocking armatars. The only downside is you cannot earn Legacy Quests (see 30).
52. "Bumping" a thread means posting twice so it will return to the top of the list in the hope of gaining attention. One bump, after several hours or a day, is fine. Bumping it constantly is immature and will not help. If no one replies after a bump, let your idea go. Suggestion: post new ideas later in the day, when people are home from school/work. More people will be on AG. Better chances.
57/58. refers to a current thread in Video Games that discussed Playstation, Xbox and the Wii and which is better. It's still going.
62. "Locked" threads cannot be posted on. Mods and Admins choose which to lock. Usually it is because of spam, offensive content, repeat ideas or by request. They are never unlocked afterwards.
63. Rule 63 of the Internet is "For every male character, there is a female counterpart. No exceptions." Strop, an AG Mod, has a second account called Strip, which is a female version of him. It's disturbing and yours will never be as famous.
64. Too Long; Didn't Read. Applies to people who scrolled down to the bottom of the list to see how it ended. You are lazy, go back and read it.

These "rules" are created by the community and posted by MattEmAngel. The mods may make these "rules" a more permanent feature of the Tavern. These are the credits created by MattEmAngel:

Created by:

Approved by:
Ferret (Administrator)
MrDayCee (Moderator)
Strop (Moderator)

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