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Knights are the elite of Armor Games. Noble contributors and exemplary citizens of the kingdom, they often come to help those in need. Knighthood is gifted by Mods/Admins.



Information: News items marked in red are obsolete and no longer apply.


  • There is now an AFG+ beta for Sentry Knight: Conquest.


  • A weekly news report has been posted as a news page for the first time.


  • A new website quest called "Knight's Blessing" has been released. This quest is difficulty Hard and can be given by Knights.


  • The new profile settings page is now active.
  • A quest called "Knight's Blessing" has been prematurely added to the Latest Quests page, but it was actually created in September of last year. There is currently no way to earn this quest.


Armor Games Casino Tracker:

Week 1: I started Day 1 with $100,000 and ended Day 7 with $100,000.

Week 2: I started Day 8 with $100,000 and ended Day 14 with $6,840,000.

Week 3: I started Day 15 with $6,840,000 and ended Day 21 with $220,000,000.

Week 4: I started Day 22 with $220,000,000 and ended Day 28 with $170,000,000.

Week 5: I started Day 29 with $170,000,000 and ended Day 35 with $60,000,000.

Week 6: I started Day 36 with $60,000,000 and ended Day 42 with $37,000,000.

Day 43: Starting money is $37,000,000. I bet $17,000,000 on tails in Heads or Tails and won, so I went up to $71,000,000.

Day 44: Starting money is $71,000,000. I bet $21,000,000 on even in Odds Vs Evens and lost, so I went down to $50,000,000.

Day 45: Starting money is $50,000,000. I bet $20,000,000 in Above Ten and won on an 18, so I went up to $70,000,000.

Day 46: Starting money is $70,000,000. I bet $45,000,000 on heads in The Pond and got 2 correct, so I went up to $250,000,000.

Day 47: Starting money is $250,000,000. The active bet is $200,000,000 on 1-3-5-7-8 in The River.

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