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Special Directives have been added to the alert system. This directive is for a Town Meeting about a point system on Armor Games. Also, dice are now being tested in limited access forums (i.e. not available to normal users).

Alert System:

These are the alerts, from highest level to lowest level. If there are multiple announcements, the highest applicable alert status will be used.

Red Alert: This alert is issued when there is a critical issue with the site. This alert status will be rarely used.
Security Alert: This alert is issued when there is a major issue with specific users who won't be named, or if there appears to be a major security issue with the site itself that doesn't warrant Red Alert.
Special Directive: This is a new alert status, which will be followed by a Greek letter for special situations. If one of these situations applies during a Security Alert or Red Alert, the higher alert status will be used with a notification about the special directive.
Yellow Alert: This alert is issued when there is a high risk for an issue that warrants Security Alert or Red Alert.
Blue Alert: This alert is issued when there is a significant announcement related to the site, but it doesn't pose a serious threat.
Gray Alert: This alert is issued when I have something to say on the top of my profile, but it doesn't warrant a higher alert status.
No Alert: If there's nothing to announce on the top of my profile, there is no alert.

Special Directives:

General Note: The directives will be ordered according to when they are added to the list. If multiple directives apply, they will all be marked but separated by hyphens.

Alpha: This is the first Special Directive. It is used when a Town Meeting is in effect.
Beta: This is used when the users are voting on awards.

Click here to skip my about.

superbobdabest's Football Competition (2014)

superbobdabest created a football competition, where users draft NFL teams and score points depending on performance. I participated in this last year and will do so again. However, the scoring system is different this time. Here's the new scoring system:

Win: 3 points
Tie: 1 point
Reach playoffs: 2 points
Win Wild Card: 3 points
First round bye: 3 points
Win Divisional: 4 points
Win Conference Championship: 5 points
Win Super Bowl: 6 points

Active Trades:

Currently no trades.

Unused Teams:

At any time, you can trade one of your teams for any of the unused teams, as seen below:


My Teams:

My teams are the Browns, Panthers, and Giants. Here are the week 7 games involving these teams:

Bold indicates my teams.
Italics indicate a winner.

Giants 21, Cowboys 31: Final
Browns 6, Jaguars 24: Final
Panthers 17, Packers 38: Final

I gained 0 points this week. I have 28 points after Week 7.

Unofficial Rules of Armor Games

NOTE: These are not actual rules. What's below is a set of inside jokes related to Armor Games created in this thread. For the actual site rules, click these links.

Rule 1: Do not talk about Dan.
Rule 2: Do NOT talk about Dan.
Rule 3: There are four levels of users. Admins, then Mods, then Knights, then you.
Rule 4: You will never be a Moderator.
  Rule 4-1: Especially if you openly state you want to be one.
  Rule 4-2: Especially if you try way too hard to be helpful.
Rule 5: No one thinks bad spelling/grammar is funny or cool.
Rule 6: We already have a thread for "You're banned."
Rule 7: There are no real rules about posting.
  Rule 7-1: Yes, there are. Enjoy your ban.
  Rule 7-2: Serious mischief = banhammer.
Rule 8: There are rules for making and playing RPGs. Follow them.
Rule 9: If you post in Newcomers, R2D21999 will offer you cookies with questionable health consequences.
Rule 10: Forum debates are SERIOUS BUSINESS.
Rule 11: You must have pictures to prove your statement.
  Rule 11-1: You must also have links, references, quotes, and perfect grammar to prove your statement in WEPR.
  Rule 11-2: Wikipedia is not a reference.
  Rule 11-3: All of your carefully-worded arguments can easily be ignored.
Rule 12: Don't argue with trolls. Report them.
Rule 13: Ferret is actually a ferret.
  Rule 13-1: Gantic is actually a rabbit.
  Rule 13-2: boppins is actually a magical unicorn.
Rule 14: If you post something worse than pangtongshu, you deserve a ban.
Rules 15: Learn BB Code before posting anything involving BB Code.
  Rule 15-1: Always use [lowercase] tags, not [UPPERCASE] tags.
Rule 16: You are not allowed to misprint user names.
  Rule 16-1: Calling R2D21999 "R2D" means punishment.
  Rule 16-2: Calling pangtongshu "Pang" means death.
  Rule 16-3: Calling StormWalker "SunWalker" means death.
  Rule 16-4: Calling MattEmAngel "MattEm" doesn't even make sense.
Rule 17: There are NO girls on Armor Games.
  Rule 17-1: Except pangtongshu, maybe.
  Rule 17-2: StormWalker is a femalloid, whatever that means.
Rule 18: Armor Games has ads, but all user benefits are free. Deal with it.
  Rule 18-1: Most of them are for cut-and-paste MMOs because people still think cut-and-paste MMOs are cool, apparently.
Rule 19: They aren't "Achievements," they're "Quests." They are far superior.
Rule 20: This is Armor Games, not Kongregate, Newgrounds, Miniclip, etc. We don't do everything they do.
Rule 21: You cannot make a successful Thread in AMW.
Rule 22: Referring to yourself in the 3rd person is not cool.
  Rule 22-1: killersup and thaboss are exceptions.
  Rule 22-2: Signatures aren't that cool either.
Rule 23: Everything that can be found will be found in pangtongshu's bed.
Rule 24: Armor Games has an (EDIT) button for posts. You no longer have an excuse.
Rule 25: If you make two Forum Games on the same day, and they both fail, the third one will also fail.
Rule 26: Thou shalt not unfix what Matt has fixed in relation to the Unofficial Rules of Armor Games.
Rule 28: *sorry, Caps Lock was on.
Rule 29: The more you hate it, the stronger it gets.
Rule 30: I have Legacy Quests. You don't because I was here before Quests.
Rule 31: The best flash games have blue elephants.
  Rule 31-1: There will never be enough sequels to "This is the Only Level."
Rule 32: You cannot submit a custom Armatar.
  Rule 32-1: Unless you submit one to an Armatar contest.
  Rule 32-2: You can't find that Armatar because it's from a previous Armatar Contest.
Rule 33: Gantic works in mysterious ways.
Rule 34: If it has Quests, there is a thread for it. No exceptions.
Rule 35: If no thread is found, it will be made before you make one.
Rule 36: "Sorry, ninja'd."
  Rule 36-1: It is the ninja'd to be blamed for the ninja'ing, not the ninja.
Rule 37: Take two minutes to fix your spelling and grammar before posting in an RPG.
Rule 38: Hugging is needed.
Rule 39: "Hay guyz can i join ur game i didnt read teh rulez LOL." No.
Rule 40: What you click isn't always what you get.
Rule 41: Instead of making a new Thread in the "Programming Help" section, lurk.
  Rule 41-1: If you don't find your answer, lurk more.
Rule 42: Your zombie RPG is doomed to fail. Sorry in advance.
Rule 43: No one has ever asked for hunger and thirst stats in an RPG for a reason.
  Rule 43-1: Because they never work.
Rule 44: Anything past Page 10 is going to be necro'd.
  Rule 44-1: If you necro, they will come.
Rule 45: Nice question. Have you ever heard of Google?
  Rule 45-1: No? Google it.
Rule 46: If you're going to post a comment, give it some thought. One sentence is not enough.
Rule 47: Being "friended" on Armor Games is not as important as you think it is.
  Rule 47-1: "Friending" is not complicated. Do NOT make a new Thread asking how to do so.
  Rule 47-2: "Friending" random people will not make you popular.
  Rule 47-3: Maybe you could actually talk to a person before "friending" them.
Rule 48: Armor Points are gone. Deal with it.
Rule 49: You don't get Armor Points for spamming comments anymore. Deal with it.
Rule 50: If you are inactive for over a month, you are pronounced dead.
  Rule 50-1: Don't post on a user's profile if the user has been consistently inactive.
  Rule 50-2: If you say "I'm leaving Armor Games" (or any variation thereof), your profile will be stalked.
Rule 51: Female members will get the most "Welcome to Armor Games!" posts.
  Rule 51-1: Unfortunately, Rule 17.
Rule 52: Don't bump your thread repeatedly if no one posts.
  Rule 52-1: I said don't bump it!
Rule 53: Any thread created on April 1 will be considered a prank until April 2.
Rule 54: AG3 is still in progress. It might have never existed in the first place.
Rule 55: Your opinion is always wrong.
  Rule 55-1: Your opinion does not take precedence over fact.
Rule 56: Failure to read the rules does not justify breaking aforementioned rules.
Rule 57: You will never prove that the Xbox is better than the Playstation.
Rule 58: You will never prove that the Playstation is better than the Xbox.
Rule 59: Armor Games is NOT "pay to play."
Rule 60: Forum Games that involve judging other people will always be the most popular.
  Rule 60-1: Yours is a duplicate. No exceptions.
Rule 61: Tavern threads that involve "Battle of" will always be the most popular.
  Rule 61-1: Yours is not original enough. No exceptions.
Rule 62: What has been Locked will never be Unlocked.
Rule 63: Strip. Yours is irrelevant.
Rule 64: tl;dr

These "rules" are created by the community and posted by MattEmAngel. The mods may make these "rules" a more permanent feature of the Tavern. These are the credits created by MattEmAngel:

Created by:

Approved by:
Ferret (Administrator)
MrDayCee (Moderator)
Strop (Moderator)

Special Thanks (in order of appearance) to:

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