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Hello everyone and welcome to my profile, can't say that you'll find much here, but feel free to leave a comment.
(It may take me a few days before I can respond.)

I like to, and tend, to poke fun at a lot of things. If for any reason some of my comments offend anyone, I would like to apologize in advance.

One thing I don't like is when people out of the blue ask to be my friend. If you want to be my friend get to know me first.

Swish, Gurgle,Swirl,
After gobbling up that dish,
Clean your mouth with one clean swish.
Use Alligator MouthWash, do a little twirl.

I use Alligator MouthWash
What do you use?
Those who have nothing, ask for nothing,
Those who have something ask for very little,
Those with everything ask for more.
Take the time to read and spend less time to write.

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