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  • AIM: becoming richer than bill gates thats right nerd
  • MSN: its a butterfly i might burn it
  • Yahoo: yay a mine boom butter fly is dead
  • XBOX Live: you should play dead rising and halo 3
  • Wii: you should play ssbb and medal of honor 2
  • PSN: you should play grand theft auto 4 and metal gear solid3
  • SteamID: my id isnt burning retards ohh steam give me crap its hot


warning do not read stop reading right now or die ok ok puss stop reading or i will blow up youre house or get rid of youre internet and tv also i smell fear stop reading now or youre state will be blowd up warning dont belive previos paragraph ha! ill be laughing if you fell for it but i dont know that so hahahahahhahahhah

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