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I've been trying to relive my childhood by playing maplestory again. It isn't working. With all the new stupid stuff they've done, it just isn't magical anymore D: _____________________________ My colony micro has gotten 1212491 times worse over the months. I've temporarily receded to the point of mostly playing monarchy because ops teams and prides are easy. Meh, I was going to fill this space with a poem about groditz but I gave up ____________________________ Add me on all the games I've played/do play/could play/might consider playing: League of Legends: TrollAWhat (NA server) Colony: PowerOfSauce Stick Arena: feary (you cant add ppl but luls) Combat Arms: WhatATroll (I've uninstalled ahuehuehuehueD Maplestory: WhatATroll, WheatATroll (Arcania) Club Penguin: actually i dont have an acc thereD: I would add the Wii stuff but there are large numbers involved so no

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