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Main Account: THIS ONE =]
Name: Alexandra (Alex for short)

Also known as DaisyKing

This is my exit path account. I'm usually the brightly colored daisy streaking across the map with a flower wand.

People I like playing with:

AngelOfZen (very pro, but a laid back, funny guy)
Merc0 (my first friend on EP)
Meditabur (Very nice tricks)
R4M4R4M4 (Thoughtful Finnish guy, sucks we can only play at 2AM for me)
johnmerz (very fast, every clan wants him lol)
luvcandy (awesome personality =], thank god another girl on EP )
GhostOfZero (learned a lot from her, Also female =D)
I am a very exuberant girl, and quit LoL o play Exit Path in the last month. Saving time, but having more fun. I really should play a bit less and study a bit more, but it's alright =O

I'm pretty psyched for EP2! But, John better add better female hairdos. The only one he DID add is ugly }

I live in a place where Asians outnumber white people near SF, and high school is going pretty well. I'll admit that I am a nerd, but I am proud of it :B

I sing/dance, and play tennis. I secretly hate rallies because of the work and drama involved, but my friends force me into it =(

Currently, I have 2 weeks left of school, and its all very hectic!

Family means everything to me, and I love my friends dearly.

Favorite Fruit: Peach. (though they bruise easily)

Feel free to leave me a comment. (Be nice =P )

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